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Best Windows alternatives to Sketch?

Is there any windows software that is an almost like-for-like alternative to Sketch?
11 recommended
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    Figma 1.0

    The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration

    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    I love Figma because of the real-time collaboration and excellent thinking behind the product. Vector Networks (https://medium.com/figma-design/...) was one of the first features that attracted me. They are challenging the norms of design apps and rethinking how you can work more efficiently.
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    Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur Β· Written
    I love Figma. Just switched my team over from Sketch.
    Stephen SilberLead iOS @ Say Β· Written
    Figma is a cloud based editor that would work on Windows and Mac
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    Lunacy Editor 3.0

    Free Windows app that opens, edits, and stores .sketch files

    Ivan BraunFounder of Icons8 Β· Written
    Ivan Braun made this product
    The only editor that not only opens, but also saves .sketch files
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    Icons8 Lunacy 2.0

    Sketch viewer for Windows with features for HTML/CSS coding

    Ivan BraunFounder of Icons8 Β· Written
    Ivan Braun made this product
    Hidden feature: the Windows Store version supports editing of .sketch files. It's not official, not in the description, and not on the Windows Store screenshots.
    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    Depending on what you're trying to do, you may also want to check out this Sketch viewer for Windows. If your concern is collaborating with dev, who work on Windows machines, Lunacy could help you.
    I always use lunacy to work with sketch files sent me by designer. Especially I like that it can export objects to xaml markup.
  4. BjΓΆrn AntonissenπŸ‡³πŸ‡± Freelance Designer & Developer Β· Written
    Adobe Experience Design for sure. Works with Windows an Mac
    Eli MatherProduct Management Community Apps Β· Written
    Yes - also know that you need to be running Windows 10
    Nussi EinhornUX Designer @fabuwood Β· Written
    I'm using it - amazing!
  5. RizwaniOS developer Β· Written
    Affinity is new cool kid for Mac and it provides lot of features what you get from Sketch. At first it was released only for Mac and the team released a windows app as well.
    Chad HuberEntrepreneur. Founder at mimble.co Β· Written
    Have been using this to design my app for the last few months. Very powerful and feature rich. Definitely recommend.
    Cristian Cojocarufreelance graphic designer Β· Written
    You must try it. Both Designer and Photo.
  6. Otis VirgnieWeb developer, Kolab digital Β· Written
    I've started using Gravit Designer. It's cross platform, mac, windows and linux and it's free. Has the same feel as sketch but doesn't have all the features yet. It's getting closer with each release.
    Stanislav DimitrovJuggling too many projects. Β· Written
    Great tool!
  7. 7

    Prototyping and collaboration for design teams

    Abhilash JainCustomer Success / Growth Β· Written
    Wouldn't call it a replacement rather a compliment to Sketch designs. It has so much that you can do, its great for UI/UX design.
  8. 3
    Lunacy 4.0

    Free graphic design software with built-in design resources

    Ivan BraunFounder of Icons8 Β· Written
    Ivan Braun made this product
    It's literally Sketch for Windows. In particular, it fully supports .sketch files.
  9. Lim Chee AunProduct Engineer Β· Written
    Been using it way before Sketch or Affinity Designer exists. Easy to use and very fast.
  10. 1
    Lunacy Designer 5.0

    Free all-in-one vector graphic design editor

    Sergey MikolaitisTeam Lead, .Net developer at Icons8 Β· Written
    Sergey Mikolaitis made this product
    New feature packed version of Lunacy
  11. Fabian MaumeFounder of Tetriz.io Β· Written
    Free tool available on Window.