Nick Di StefanoSenior Product Designer

Are there alternative services to that will bundle emails into a regular digest?

Most of the alternatives I've seen focus on the unsubscribing functionality, but not bundling into digests.
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    Unsubscriber by Polymail

    Unsubscribe from emails instantly - a clean inbox in minutes

    Brandon ShinCo-founder @ PolymailApp · Written
    Brandon Shin made this product
    Unsubscriber will send you a weekly digest of the blocked emails!
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Damian BereFounder at EnterpriseCore · Written
    Depends how sophisticated the 'digest' needs to be, but inbox groups messages very well, can be trained/configured, and easy to review a set of similar emails (like mailing list or forum updates) and swipe done or for later. First time I've managed to get to and stay at inbox zero for work and personal accounts.
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    Gmail Unsubscriber

    Open source alternative to for Gmail

    Can't say it has the exact same functionality as, but it should do the trick!