Justin ScheetzCo-Founder, RetroTrades

What's the best finance tracking app for the self-employed?

I don't need the feature-bloat of Quickbooks, but Google Sheets is not flexible enough. I don't have employees, and 90% of my business is digital sales (website templates, SaaS, etc.). Thanks!
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    Invoicing, Expenses, Time Tracking, Contracts & Payments

    Leif AbrahamCo-CEO Public.com, Co-founder AND.CO · Written
    Leif Abraham made this product
    I might be bias ;) AND CO lets you track your income and expenses, no matter if you invoiced through the app or not. So if you sell things, you can easily file that income in the app as well. It's on Web, iOS and Android.
    Mario 🦊Building at readthegeneralist.com · Written
    Great UI and fits perfectly with the other features. Very smooth.
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    The New Freshbooks

    Ridiculously easy to use invoicing and accounting

    Sarah A. DowneyPrincipal, Accomplice · Written
    Lets you do invoicing, reporting, payments, time tracking, etc. Super easy and pretty.
    KieranSoftware Developer · Written
    I've been using Freshbooks for about 7 years, mainly for invoicing. Highly recommended.
  3. Paul ArterburnDirector of Engineering at Unreasonable · Written
    Depending on how complicated your setup is, using custom tags in Mint might be all you need.