What's the best video editing app for beginners trying to make tutorial/how-to guides?

I am looking to create some support videos to help show customers how to interact with various UI/UX features on their devices. I am currently looking for an application that will allow me to blur out personal info that is in the recording. I made screen recordings of my iPhone via QuickTime on Mac. I have tried to use After Effects CC but I find it's overly complicated. Does anyone have any recommendations for a more user-friendly video editing program that would allow me to attach a shape at one key frame and make it move during the video?
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    Screen Flow

    Screen recording and editing for Mac

    Florian Egermannartist, activist, astronaut. · Written
    This software is designed for your use case and easy to use.
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    GIF Brewery

    Convert Video files to animated GIFs.

    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    I used GIF Brewery for small-little explainers. You can select frame count and frame delay to control the speed of the explainer and then to hide (blur) something you can use text or sticker.
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    iMovie for Mac

    Turn 4K video into movie magic

    Hemanth GCo Founder, CTO @ Lobb · Written
    Powerful & Easy editor for videos. We use it for Quick Software demos all the time.
    I have used this one too - it's simple enough to use for most skill levels and like Hemanth said, it's powerful for advanced features too
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    Omer MoladCo-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    QT is actually really easy to use for "how to" videos and it's free.
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    This is an unconventional recommendation, but you can drop a video clip onto a slide in Keynote, and then create your supers and animate them. For example, let's say you have a text box that should move across the screen, then all you do is draw your shape, select it, click on Animate in the top right corner, and then select your actions to define the animation. When you're done, you can export it back out as a video file. It's a basic solution, but it's really easy to use and Keynote is free.