Luigi Aditiarama
Luigi AditiaramaPeople say I talk a lot.

What highlighting tools for Mac that I can use when I demo my product?

I need a tool to draw boxes, pointers, etc when I demo a product. It should freeze the active screen and allows me to draw boxes and arrows while I talk through the features of my product.
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    A great way to highlight your mouse during a screencast

    Westin Lohne
    Westin Lohnepreviously product design @facebook · Written
    A simple tool that can highlight your cursor location during a presentation
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    Screenflow 8

    Easily create stunning videos for Mac 🎬

    Michael Kimsal
    Michael KimsalTech enthusiast and Beatles fan. · Written
    I'm not sure from the question if you're asking about something that can do that during a live presentation, or just allow you to edit after recording your screen. If you mean 'live', I'm not sure, but Screenflow provides a decent amount of tools to help create good screen casts. You can pause the video portion ('freeze' it) while the audio track carries on, and you can add in mouse highlighting, add shape overlays, text, etc. Have used screenflow from v3 to v6 and still find I fall back to it multiple times per month for various projects.
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    StepShot Guides PRO

    Create guides and video tutorials with no hassle

    This software meets your needs in the case if you don't mean a live demo. StepShot Guides PRO can record all your clicks as screenshots which can be annotated with adding arrows, lines, highlight boxes, text boxes, and so on - that's what you need. And to create a video demo of these screenshots - just choose the export to video format and you'll be able to record your voice for audio narration or make use of auto-narration available in several languages and voices.
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    Evernote Web - Oct 2014

    Note taking gets even simpler

    Théo Blochet
    Théo BlochetCurious human. PM @ Stripe · Written
    You could just capture the current screen in Skitch (⌘+shift+5), while screensharing, annotate the screenshot with what you want to highlight (Skitch is the fastest tool I know of to annotate a screenshot in a readable way, with text, rectangles, circles and arrows). When you're done, discard your screenshot and resume your demo?
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    Design Camera

    Drag and drop 3D mockups

    This is the easiest tool to create awesome mokcup videos.
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    Screen Annotation and Cursor Highlight for Mac

    Ram Patra
    Ram PatraMaker of Presentify Mac App · Written
    Ram Patra made this product
    It's a simple mac menu bar app to annotate anything on screen. With this you can also highlight your cursor or mouse pointer to grab the attention of your viewers.