Is there an app like Sunrise for others to book time on your calendar?

I loved the sunrise keyboard calendar - how do I avoid this back and forth with scheduling?
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    Simple, beautiful scheduling.

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover81Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    I'm a big fan of Calendly and recently used it to schedule several 30 minute phone calls with a dozen people. There are a few different ways to use it: 1. Connect it to your Google Calendar so it knows when you're available 2. Specify specific days and times your available Then, forward the appropriate Calendly link to the other party and they can select a time that works best for both of you.
    • Arti Villa
      Arti VillaCreative Technologist & Engineer.

      If I have several google calendars (work, personal, company), I have to use create a new Calendly account per calendar, create a team feature and then merge. I think this use case isn't an edge case at all.

      I also want to be able to scroll /highlight entire sections that are open to public to setup meetings, not show all non-booked spots as open. So the visual experience of picking open slots can be better.

    • Daniel Bakh
      Daniel BakhTech geek

      Use it weekly.

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    Microsoft Outlook for iOS

    Official Microsoft Outlook app designed for iPhone and iPad

    Lachlan Campbell
    Lachlan Campbell11Hack Club design/JS—HS 🎓—they/them—🌈 · Written
    Outlook for iOS, surprisingly, has this feature exactly! You can attach availability slots directly to an email.
  3. Malcolm Ocean
    Malcolm OceanFounder, Complice · Written
    Pretty similar to calendly but has a more intuitive UI (time blocks instead of weird bubbles) and has the whole kitchen sink of custom features if you buy the pro version.