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What's the best podcast app for mac?

I love to listen to podcasts but I hate using itunes on my macbook. Any Suggestions?
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    Pocket Casts

    Powerful podcast manager for iOS & Android. New v.5 release.

    Axel KrottlerGlas påsk! 🐣 · Written
    Pocket Casts is the best looking iPhone podcast app and they have a decent website!
    Joe CotelleseFounder, Sharey (www.getsharey.com) · Written
    I started using this when I switched from iOS to Android. Works really well. Wish there was a Mac OS version.
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    Rami M. AminNot a Growth Hacker · Written
    All devices on Pocketcasts for 2 years now. My best.
  2. I like this option because this way I can keep my podcasts synchronized with my phone
    Michael LeeMaker of things for humans · Written
    If you already use Overcast on iOS, have a look at their website. Provides a list of all podcasts you're subscribed to and lets you listen to podcasts in the browser.
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    The social podcast app 🎧

    RebeccaSenior BI Engineer · Written
    Breaker is my favorite. I love the social aspect.
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    +1 for Breaker, although I don't use the social part the app is seamless. Switched from Overcast after it stopped saving what episode was already played. (could have been a bug but forced me to switch)
    The focus on finding individual podcast episodes that fit my usage pattern has been awesome!
    • Gil FewsterTinkerer

      Adding a social layer to listening and discovering podcasts is a nice idea, but Breaker doesn’t appear to offer any easy way to unlink social platforms or erase your profile/data of you change your mind. Given the incredibly vague privacy policy, it’s asking for a big leap of faith.

    • I am using this app in every commutes. It has some handy features as the 'jump silences' in podcast that can make you win up to 5 min per podcast

  4. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré10Co-Founder PurposeBeyondProduct.com · Written
    A very cool podcast player for iOS, Mac, Apple Watch, and CarPlay.
    Downcast has everything you need :D
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    Castro 2

    The ideal app for today's broad-minded podcast enthusiast

    Ross JeromeFounder, Quandary Media · Written
    Grab some airpods and start using your iPhone! Castro has an awesome Inbox feature that lets you queue or archive new episodes. Here's a great list too: https://www.podcastinsights.com/...
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    Listen to podcasts from your Mac menu bar

    PodcastMenu is a simple app which puts Overcast on your Mac's menu bar so you can listen to your favorite podcasts while you work.
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    Any song. One tap away.

    Chris Messina11Product designer & entrepreneur · Written
    Spotify's been ramping up its support for podcasts. Definitely worth a look.
    Jeremy BauerWriter + Arts Instructional Designer · Written
    Yep, was pleasantly surprised to see my favorite podcasts pop on here recently
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    Spotify Now

    Video, podcasts, smart playlists & more (pre-launch)

    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Spotify has a good mac version for podcasts that's supported on mobile as well.
  9. Eivind Lindbråten🦊 Developer, Oslo, Norway. · Written
    Unofficial Pocket Casts client for macOS. There are a lot of iOS/mobile versions and web players recommended in this thread, but this is a macOS application, and sync with your existing Pocket Casts account. If you use Pocket Casts on mobile, I suggest this solution. • Progress bar indicator on Dock icon • Supports the use of default media player controls on your Mac (F7-F9) • Fullscreen mode