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Chris Messina ✁_____Β β€” Developer Experience Lead at @Uber
Magic words are the interesting differentiator here β€” kind of like slash commands in Slack or @mentions in Telegram/HipChat.
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
@chrismessina I downloaded this last night after seeing it on @dtrihn's Snapchat. Curious to play with it. Love the branding. πŸ‘
Chris Messina ✁_____Β β€” Developer Experience Lead at @Uber
@dtrinh Snapchat is the new Twitter eh?
Nick HallamΒ β€” Product Designer
@rrhoover @chrismessina really great execution on the design :) love it
Adam MarxΒ β€” CEO, Glipple, Inc.
@rrhoover @chrismessina just downloaded it too. i find the branding more curious than anything, but in a quirky kind of way i'm interested to test out :D now @adammarx13 on peach
ι«˜ζ‰‹λ†€λ¦¬λ°‘β„’Β β€” technologist. I code. digital nomad.
Interesting app. Hopefully there will be some third party support for the magic words which seems to be a differentiator
Sar HaribhaktiΒ β€” Intern @ Betaworks
@chrismessina I think its a combination of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Slack. πŸ‘ Leverages trending social behaviors from various apps and packages them into a new product. My username on πŸ‘ is sarthakgh. πŸ€—
Hunter GrayΒ β€” Founder, Klutch
@chrismessina So why not just use Slash for iMessage? I don't understand all these "new apps" that copy functionality of existing products.
@chrismessina agree, and the more general idea that a UI can update in response to background NLP is ripe with possibility...
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
Interesting. This is by the team that made Byte, which launched only 4 months ago. Are you working on both apps, @dhof? Super curious to learn more.

EDIT: I'm rrhoover πŸ‘ and here's my first post:

Casey NewtonΒ β€” Silicon Valley editor, The Verge
AndreyΒ β€” Mobile Product Manager ✈️
@caseynewton @rrhoover The Verge is here!
Cat NooneΒ β€” Designer, Co-Founder of Iris, Advisor
Absolutely love the concept of and possibilities that come with magic words. Huge differentiator to every other social platform.

Not to mention the super friendly copy and ease of use. Only downside is that I can't use social networks to find friends and it also isn't letting me scan my address book.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to continuing using it and seeing how it fits into my day to day with friends.

Oh and I claimed the username @cat β€” what a score! That has never happened as far as I can recall unless it was my own product. Add me! πŸŽ‰
@imcatnoone you should be able to scan your address book for friends... are you having issues with it? hit us up at
Cat NooneΒ β€” Designer, Co-Founder of Iris, Advisor
@mikesun Yes 😿 Doing so now. Thanks, Mike!
esquim.alΒ β€”
@imcatnoone same here! @esquimal is rarely available :-)
Pulkit AgrawalΒ β€” Building Better Onboarding @trychameleon
@imcatnoone Love the onboarding - guides you through stepwise and you can act on everything that you get taught. Permissions are done well, except the push notifications - which comes up straight away without warning (sigh, why do you people still do this?) but otherwise good example to review for other folks looking to improve their user onboarding.
Tiffany ZhongΒ β€” VC @BinaryCap, formerly @ProductHunt
I compare Peach to status updates people used to make on Facebook (and how some people use Twitter). Interesting product, not much value proposition yet but it's fun to update your friends and keep track of what you do. Can't wait to see what their next steps are!

Also add me, I'm @tiff
Cat NooneΒ β€” Designer, Co-Founder of Iris, Advisor
@tzhongg thought the same thing at first, but like I said in my comment above the magic words are a big one. I definitely see a decent amount of possibilities. Like most (new) social networks, I'm a bit iffy but enjoying this so far. Ultimately depends on how active my network is on it which will determine my usage.
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
@imcatnoone @tzhongg +1 as well. Reminds me of AIM status updates. Nostalgia.
Jaime MaciasΒ β€” Product @boost.
@rrhoover @tzhongg seems like every product is trying to recreate AIM from 99/2000 era. Peach definitely has something going. This start reminds me of the earliest days of Path.
@rrhoover @tzhongg Amazing how "status updates" are not associated with FB/Twitter anymore!
Adam O'KaneΒ β€” working on Parade
@jmacias @tzhongg I thought I had an original thought with the AIM thing, but then I saw this! ;)
Sar HaribhaktiΒ β€” Intern @ Betaworks
@imcatnoone @tiffany_hardin I do not think it will find a place on our home screen as a new social app. I believe it will have to replace a bunch of trending apps to carve a niche for itself. Its capitalizing on mainstream behaviors/features of various other apps. Takes the sliding interface from Snapchat and Spontaneity from Twitter. Facilitates both short and long form content. Makes the Slack commands much better. Has an Instagram-like feel for pic sharing/uploading. It has some obvious pain points like lack of integrations with FB, discovery issue, fake accounts etc. I believe its probably on their short term roadmap. I really like the concept. Very thoughtful and its kind of breaking out of the bay area which is known for false positives whenever a new thing pops up. Enough ranting. I write a lot about πŸ‘ on πŸ‘. Username - @sarthakgh πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
@tzhongg @rrhoover +1 I suspect Dom and team have some interesting features up their sleeves for the future. In the meantime, I completely agree with the consensus. Limited value now; however, I can definitely see some potential. Especially if they integrate some AI and NLU. My Peach πŸ‘: @damonnam
Stowe BoydΒ β€” work futurist, researcher, iconclast
@rrhoover @tzhongg Remember Buddygopher for AIM?
Sergei KostevitchΒ β€” eReader Prestigio PM
@tzhongg Well, we got one more social network...
Adrian Le BasΒ β€” UX & Front-end Freesoul
Looks cool πŸ˜„ claimed my dream username @ad ,also my first choice of gif went really well with the follow up onboarding copy...having problems finding friends with my address book, I have a non us phone number and everytime trying to add it when requested I get a "something went wrong" kind of error 😟
LFΒ β€” Developer / Designer
@adrianleb I'm having the same error
Levent AliΒ β€” Co-Founder, Brapp
@adrianleb same here (UK number)
Emil StahlΒ β€” Partner
@adrianleb same here with my Danish number. US only i guess…
Emil StahlΒ β€” Partner
@adrianleb They have a beta version with a fix. I just got access and it works!
I guess you can join the beta too if you contact the Peach team at πŸ“§πŸ˜Š
Giving it a shot, but not sure if 'be yourself' applies - still think the social pressure of having an audience will apply here if it doesn't already, unlike with anonymous apps (Secret's tagline was 'Speak Freely', 'Be yourself' etc. too).
Christina WarrenΒ β€” Senior Tech Correspondent, Mashable
So Mashable was obsessed with this until we think our tweets about it killed it. But it's fun. I'm @christina obvs
Thibault LemaitreΒ β€” Digital Marketing Consultant & Podcaster
@film_girl did you guys write an article about it? Would love to know what you think in more details...
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
Many are comparing πŸ‘ to Snapchat and Twitter. Here are a few quick observations on what makes it unique:

1) Users are incentivized to post more often to bump their profile to the top of their friends' feed.

2) Unlike Twitter, no one person can spam your feed (as @joshconstine noted on Twitter). Each post is grouped with your profile.

3) Similar to Snapchat, you must friend someone to see their feed, with exception to the friends of friends feed.

4) Unlike Snapchat, you can find new people in the friends of friends feed, although a chronological list probably isn't the best sorting.

5) The more friends you have, the further your posts spread via the friends of friends feed.

We've been having fun with the @ProductHunt πŸ‘ account, seeing as much/sometimes more engagement than on Twitter, although anything new often attracts more attention at first.
Mario SundarΒ β€” Startup advisor, early LinkedIn
Peach is interesting. It's like early Twitter built around structured data ("magic words"), could be very powerful. I'm @mariosundar on πŸ‘.
Jack DweckΒ β€” Product Manager at Unroll.Me
This is neat. Reminds me of Twitter in the early days (share "what's happening").

Add me: @jd πŸ‘
Seems like there's some hiccups with the servers/service but hot damn this is fun.
Joshua DanceΒ β€” iOS Engineer, Wild Lion
Love the magic words idea. I'm @dance add me if you feel "πŸ‘y". πŸ˜€
Stef LewandowskiΒ β€” Founder, Makeshift
Sounds cool but all I get is "something went wrong" when I try to sign up.
Joe Β β€” Designer @ Discover Places
@stef Well that's no fun. You sorted now?
Ouriel OhayonΒ β€” appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
Slick execution. On boarding is first class. Hard to feel if I will stick though.
Tom KlaverΒ β€” Designer
I said it on Twitter but I love this thing in the strangest way possible. It is like Path in the early days and like Twitter in the early days in that no-one knows what it is and why we need it, what it can do and how we're supposed to use it, but that's its strength. It's fantastic. We'll keep discovering and I hope this succeeds.
Matt GardnerΒ β€” Co-Founder, Videostream
Dang, no droid support. Seems cool, kind of like snapchat stories but without being constrained to needing a photo or video backdrop for updates. Will play with it when I get the chance.
Del WilliamsΒ β€” Founder, Private Curator
@whereskap @thatmattgardner time frame? Have Beta? We will gladly test for you.
Kori HandyΒ β€” Design Founder @designfirstapps
not a fan, honest opinion... feels like 2010 all over again, or was that the point?
Josh BarkinΒ β€” Maker
Played with this app. like it. It's seems like it was designed to target girls 8-28
Jaime MaciasΒ β€” Product @boost.
@joshbarkin What do you mean specifically? I think this is the first 2016 design, and based upon what I am hearing it seems successful.
Duane WilsonβœŒοΈΒ β€” Design, Technologist, Helper of Startups
Why post first to empty feed rather than find friends, to me it wasn't clear where / how to add friends. Just an observation :)
Ruggiero VincenzoΒ β€” Founder @prospectio
Love Peach! I made a list of all available commands

Add me: πŸ‘vru
Troy OsinoffΒ β€” Angel Investor
Actually really enjoying the app as weird as it is. I

If you're on it add me: @what
Peach has some promising features. Really fun to use. I think if Tumblr had a messaging app, it might look a lot like Peach (@lizadixon)!
Wow this thing is exploding! Finally got super close to the first name user name with @john_ so close! Lol
Ash FanningΒ β€” UX designer
Finally an app that makes it fun to update your status not just cruise everyone else's. Loving it and feel like Im way more likely to engage with randos just for the lol's then I would on any other platform. Feature request; I wanna auto make shout gifs. Keep up the good peach.
Alex MishynΒ β€” Product manager, Railsware
Magic words is awesome nerdy feature, reminds me of vim editor. While overall designs is for youngsters.
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