Making the world’s software accessible for everyone.
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What is Stark?
Stark makes it easy for designers and developers to build with digital accessibility in mind. • Incorporate accessibility at the beginning of the product development process; • Identify historical accessibility errors so teams can make a plan to fix tech debt; • Use Stark inside your regular design and engineering workflows via tooling solutions like Figma and Sketch. Stark also offers browser plugins for every type of browser.

Stark tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Stark is built with. Stark utilizes products like Intercom, Gatsby in their tech stack

Recent launches

With Sidekick, accessible design just got ten times faster. Sidekick uses AI to automatically scan your entire design file for accessibility, give you a list of any issues, and suggest fixes.
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Stark 2.0
Stark empowers software teams to design, build, and test products with accessibility in mind from the start. Our suite of plugins and extensions provides everything—from tools to education—to make anything accessible. Think of us as your accessibility toolbox.
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