The best alternatives to Whisk Meal Planner are Recipify, Meta Nutrition, and Notion Meal Planner. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Whisk Meal Planner
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  • Meta Nutrition is an automated meal plan generator and food tracker made for beginners and experts. Create custom foods, personalize your weekly meals, and calculate your nutrients targets to crush your fitness and wellness goals
  • This meal planner will allow you to save time, organize yourself efficiently, and track your nutritional information. Features: - Shopping List generated automatically - Recipes Book 10 different views - Macronutrient tracker - Meal planner filtered per people
  • Plan a full week of meals with a single click. Just tell us which foods you like, and how many calories, protein, fat, and carbs you want to eat. Swap out a meal, a day, or a week! We can fit in your treats, and even give you a grocery list!
  • Enter the food you have and get ideas of meals to make. Use it meal by meal or as a meal planning system with an intuitive inventory manager, recipe keeper and shopping list. Save your own and other users' creative meals. Save money and reduce food waste.
  • For those who struggle to decide what to cook this week, MealSuggest will help you prepare weekly meal plans with handy recipes and a lot of customization. Pick your favorite cuisine from the list, exclude ingredients or select a specific diet.
  • Meta Nutrition apps are out! Meta is an automated AI based meal plan generator and food tracker made for beginners and experts. Create custom foods, personalize your weekly meals, and calculate your nutrients targets to crush your fitness and wellness goals
  • We know you're busy. With our simple recipe maker, Ready Set Dinners helps you save time and enjoy cooking weeknight meals. Login and meal prep the week in minutes.
  • With the help of AI, users can easily generate new recipes based on their available ingredients, specific preferences such as serving size, flavor, meal type, and cuisine, creating a personalized and convenient cooking experience.
  • Mealmind is your personal meal planner and nutritionist built on GPT-4. Get an interactive shopping list for the week, tailored to your dietary requirements, allergies, food preferences, and body goals.
  • The Meal Prep Jar is a habit-forming platform that motivates you to stay committed to meal planning, cooking, and eating from home, with the option to track your calories, macros, and weight. A real person reviews your meal plans and meal prep activities to ensure you follow your plans with fidelity.
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  • Stop scrolling through recipe sites and bring all your recipes into a centralised system. Bring structure to your diet by planning meals so you can shop once and spend more time enjoying the process of cooking.
  • save all your recipes in one place. plan your week in minutes. an automatic shopping list will be created for you.
  • Gaintrain helps you build muscle the healthy way with clean bulking meal plans. Our app makes it easy to eat the calories you need to gain muscle without putting on fat. Transform your body and reach your muscle-building goals.
  • What's for dinner? Do we have all the ingredients necessary for this recipe? With the Cuisine mobile app, you can stop asking yourself those questions! Cuisine helps you plan and prepare meals with many tools! See our website for more details!
  • The Mealery app offers a user-friendly, personalized meal plan. Just enter custom diet plan to get a huge database of recipes that you can search through and an organized grocery list. You can find recipes & generate shopping lists for digital purchases.
  • Lose weight with a custom meal plan prepared just for you and your goals by a real nutrition expert. Your diet, your meal plan.
  • No stress, no fussing, and best of all, no calorie tracking necessary! CreateMyMeal makes it easy to create delicious meals that fit your goals, cravings, and macros in one-click! Eat guilt-free with personalized recipes tailored just for you.
  • Real Plans is a meal planning app and website that streamlines your weekly planning, shopping, and cooking with custom meal plans based on your diet.