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sarah morgan
Sarah Morgan
1 review
I was wasting too much money eating out, or throwing away food that had gone bad in the fridge. My family has been loving Mealime's recipes and the integrated shopping feature is a big time saved. We use this 2-3 nights a week and so far everything has been easy enough to cook and has been better than my typical pasta w/a jar of sauce desperation dinner.

Andisheh Keikha
Co-Founder of
2 reviews
This app has been really effective on the quality of my family's life, we can have home-made, healthy food everyday, in such a busy life, no mental effort. I make delicious recipes in half an hour, and do the grocery shopping once a week, from a list that is ready. Advanced search feature using the ingredients, is very useful when I have extra stuff left from the previous week.

Adriano Ferrari
Founder of Gingko Writer
1 review
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Review of Mealime
Life-changing! Food is such a big part of our everyday, and Mealime has made that entire area of our lives easier/cheaper/simpler for the whole family. 1. We're eating better and cheaper. 2. I'm cooking more, since it has great step-by-step instructions per recipe (including hints for newbies like me). 3. My son is actually eating the food we make, since he gets to join in the selection process, and the fact that it's not "our" recipe but "theirs" makes it more palatable somehow (parents will know what I'm talking about). Simplifying food & meals has had a massive return-on-time-investment for us, and I recommend this app whenever the topic comes up. Thanks @jeffreybunn & team!