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Water Out Of SpeakerZora LearningSleepytales
Multilingual Speech-to-Text API with superhuman accuracy
Easily get water out of your phone's speakers without a technician! It works by playing a special tone that generates sound waves at a frequency that causes the water to be ejected from your smart phone's speakers.
Albite Zurita
Raya Sen
Rituja Sen
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Zora Learning
25 reviews
Do you like: Dinosaurs? Pirates? Space Zombies? Zora can craft a personalized story for you that adapts to your reading level! Create your own characters and explore new genres. With each chapter, Zora adapts and grows with your ability!
Andrew Brackin
Salar Davari
Apoorv Agrawal
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22 reviews
AI app that reads and writes personalized bedtime stories for children and adults. Customize each story with names, favorite characters, and themes. Enjoy lifelike narration by realistic voice actors, making every story a unique and immersive experience.
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