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The best alternatives to RecruitT are BookTribes Alpha, Lybrum, and Challenge Rocket. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to RecruitT
Peer-driven professional development for top senior leaders

  • Online book clubs for book nerds

  • On Lybrum you can create public and private book clubs on any available book, where you can share anything you'd like about them. It could be used by anybody that wants to share the experience of reading a book...

  • We are community of software developers, engineers, data scientists and tech lovers. We help brands to implement challenge-centric recruitment with AI-powered assessment tools for developers and engineers.

  • Bookshare makes it easy to see what your friends or family are reading - simply connect with them via Bookshare and you see what books they have read, which they book are interested in or which ones they added ...

  • Changing the medical supply industry

  • Rounditt is a community where people can share books together

  • Migrabooks is a collaborative platform to share books and follow their journey around the world

  • The recruitment marketplace. Recruit like it's 2021. 1. Share your requirements 2. Receive candidates from several recruitment agencies simultaneously. 3. Choose, interview & sign. Pricing? Set your own fee and...

  • The most versatile and powerful resume builder on the internet Create a professional cv and cover letter in minutes. Win your dream job

  • Every few months, we pick a book and read it in one day.