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Google's new phones, Pixel and Pixel XL
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The community submitted 58 reviews to tell us what they like about Google Pixel, what Google Pixel can do better, and more.
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58 Reviews
Got the Pixel 7a and think its more than okay quality both chassis and under the hood and exceed most budget models in miles and even goes above Apples SE models in maintaining most Pro functions have except few hardware based limitations and having Pixel with pure Google Android is as easy peasy and better as Google AI is build in not third party apps so every tiny thing Google is bullied over not functioning optimal is due to having eigther an iPhone or similar degoogled spamdroid or linux phone within the door

Kiplang'at Kirui
36 reviews
the features are good and the camera too has good pixels

Mark Henry


35 reviews
Nice and good internet speed.

Everly Elements


4 reviews
It has came a long way from the Nexus Project.

Nishant J
Nishant J
Web Developer and outdoor enthusiast.
17 reviews
Pixel series is the best from Google and much better than iPhone

Aliasgar Vohra


7 reviews
Very good product. Perfect camera setup for Android with its advance image processing & Vanilla android OS experience.

Cristian Dan
Entrepreneur, Developer
8 reviews
Does not recommend this product
Review of Google Pixel 2

Plenty of phones to buy for this price


Andrew Tye
Trying to make things people want
7 reviews
Recommended this product
Review of Pixel by Google

Love the camera and the fingerprint sensor. Plus it looks awesome and gets Android updates right away.


Alex Sopinka
Coder. Taco Lover.
9 reviews
Recommended this product
Review of Pixel by Google

Hands down the best phone I've ever had. The camera takes incredible professional shots... you know the kind where the object in the foreground is in focus and the shit in the background all blurred and out of focus? Ya. Those. Every time. Got some amazing cute pics of my roommate's cat lounging around :D

Aside from that, no lags ever, no apps crashing, and tons of storage for pics/music/apps. Can't wait to see how the Pixel2 can possibly beat the original.


Seth Hawkins
Sr Digital Marketing Manager, Vivint
11 reviews
Recommended this product
Review of Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 is a seriously amazing phone. I was an iPhone user for 5 years before switching. What got me to convert was all the smart features packed into this phone.

- The Google Assistant integration makes managing your life so much easier. Simply squeeze the sides of the phone and it activates the assistant. The voice recognition is good and I find myself using the voice control features all the time.

- The camera is unreal. The default quality of the camera is impressive enough, but the portrait mode creates some seriously beautiful pictures. My wife has an expensive DSLR camera and often she'll want to use my phone instead for shots.

- The raw Android experience on the Pixel 2 shows Android at its best. It strips away everything you don't need and serves up the best features that you do need. This makes for a blazing fast phone that just does what you need it to do.

- The Google Lens feature is one of my favorites. Take a picture of anything and Google will do a search to pull up any relevant information it can find. The results are often amazing. I once took a picture of the nutrition facts on a can of hot cocoa and just from that it was able to pull up what brand of cocoa it was, give me all the details about the brand (including a link to their site), and told me where to buy it.

The Google Pixel 2 is truly the smartest phone I've ever had. Transferring from an iPhone was a piece of cake and took about a half an hour.