Google Pixel 3a

A new affordable phone from Google

Pixel 3a is designed to fit nicely in your hand, and includes an OLED display for crisp images and bright colors. It comes in three colors—Just Black, Clearly White, Purple-ish—and two sizes.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Polycarbonate Body Lower end processor (670 IIRC) No wireless charging It's not waterproof
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@ksdme Well... Yeah exactly. It's marketed as a lower end phone. It's market by the sounds of it isn't yourself.
@ksdme Guess still better than my old Nexus 5, lol. Seems like at some point I simply stopped caring about always owning the latest and the greatest. And if I can get my hands on this one, I'll strongly consider buying it on the spot.
Any summary of why it' so much cheaper than the Pixel 3?
@lincolnwdaniel i guess "a" is for affordable lol
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@lincolnwdaniel It's made of Plastic
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@lincolnwdaniel @williamukoh Still Plastic, Horible quailty sucks
Thanks @tregsthedev @williamukoh and @jovonwill That makes sense :) I was having buyer's remorse for a moment since I paid for the Pixel 3 months ago

Great to see more affordable options from Google, and their 3 year guarantee of software updates.


Love my Pixel 3, and I'd recommend the 3a as a lower cost option for anyone that wants a great camera under $400.


Some people will miss the wireless charging and IP rating for waterproofing.

Not better than iPhone and never will be...
@christerslayer I would love to see what apple con do keeping the cost under $400.