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I don't reaaaaally want to say this but I feel less of an Apple fanboy now... I liked the look of this! Just waiting for some to be out in the wild and hear the feedback. Thoughts from others who also watched? (people obviously noticed some of the sly Apple digs right? 'no camera bump')
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@bentossell I noticed the camera bump comment too. I think they forgot about Nexus 5X and 6P. I am still catching up but it looks incredible. I am sold on the initial looks and focus on photography.
@bentossell I want this phone. And I was refreshing the google store and not paying attention to the blog. Damn you @bentossell
@bentossell I've always liked the Google Camera app better than iOS. We've had Lens Blur for quite some time too, and the photo sphere is so fun when traveling. I love my Nexus 6P and I came from iPhone 6S+ and iPhone 5S
@bentossell also they made a headphone jack comment :)
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@erictwillis haha I had my eye on about 5 different things! The google store was not one of them!
This soothing animation will calm your fears of switching from iPhone to Android.
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@nivo0o0 Perfect I'll switch to Google's phone from my iPhone now! -No one ever in the history of technology
@lukedeannif iPhone is not that good dude.. I have a Galaxy 7 Edge and iPhone 6s and would happily use the Galaxy as my primary phone, and would consider doing it now with the Pixel phone
@nivo0o0 @lukedeannif I've got both the latest iPhone and the latest Nexus on my desk right now and use them both every day. The iPhone outperforms the Nexus in speed, camera quality, UX and services integration. I used to love the Nexus experience, but iOS10 is simply better than Android.
@nivo0o0 I'd be interesting in switching to Android for this phone. But iMessage is the biggest thing holding me back right now.
@lukedeannif @nivo0o0 most of my family in Europe doesn't like iPhones after trying both. All of them still are using Android to this day. I've also been on both and overall more happy with Android. I only buy Nexus devices though. Makes a big difference.
I'm a long-time iPhone user but the Pixel is tempting. The Google Assistant integration is most interesting to me. Siri feels stagnant (although that might change as AirPods roll out and mature).
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@rrhoover This is the Android phone I was waiting for. I think I'm finally going to make the switch.
@rrhoover At the very least it's just exciting to see all the big cos taking on the idea of assistants from different angles. Audio vs. texting vs. anticipatory vs. hybrid. I imagine they'll all converge a bit as they each get better at their respective starting grounds, but this is just early innings.
@rrhoover I felt like Google assistant was the only compelling feature and still think Samsung's latest phones from the Edge 7 forward seem superior. *I've always been an iPhone user, but switched to the Note recently*
@rrhoover I'm assuming you have used Allo. How do you like the Google Assistant experience so far?
Phone doesn't look good. The design is dated. Why is there so much space bellow and above, and even by the sides, of the display? And why is it so thick? Just compare this one to the Note 7 (yeah I know it explodes) or even the iPhone 7. They look superior. Obviously i'm not talking about specs and software. I'm sure this will have the best Android.. but design wise, this is poor and disappointing
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@bojansavikj I love how a phone that explodes is such a minor point in your purchasing decisions, haha.
@itsnblackburn haha i have the Note 8 now, waited 1-2 months just to make sure it doesn't explode :) But re-reading this thread again, they again made an awful (ugly) design of the new pixel.. although by many reviewers the phone is amazing and has the best camera on a smartphone.
I was pretty disappointed by the launch as a Nexus 6P user, a lot of the stuff they're touting is already available on Nexuses and other Android phones, so I'm really unclear on why it warrants a $649 price tag. There's no wow factor, it's basically a Nexus 6P. There's no waterproofing or wireless charging like on an S7, no modularity like with the G5 or Moto Z or dual camera system like the iPhone 7 Plus. The one differentiating feature is live customer support on your phone, which would make this a good phone for my parents.
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