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#2 Product of the DayOctober 04, 2017


  • Ian SmithCEO @DronesPodcast, BD @DroneDeploy

    AI-focused experience, best smartphone camera... ever, unlimited, full-res photo and video storage, works with Project Fi, and more


    Price could be better, a bit more water resistance would be nice

    This is the crown jewel of Android phones at the moment. If you want to stick with iOS, go ahead—you know where to go. This is pure, unadulterated Android.

    Ian Smith has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Beautiful design, good camera, blah, blah... I believe Samsung Note 8 or Galaxy 8+ beats it tho, but that is not the point.


    PRIVACY. You pay with your $$ and with your data. Please don't forget that!

    From Investopedia:

    "Google services do not cost the user anything. Instead, Google lures in users and collects their data, and then sells access to eager buyers across the planet. Every marketing firm in the world wants the kind of information and repeat usage Google enjoys. "

    Apple: I am not saying Apple is an NGO saving the world as they desperately try to depicture themselves on their product keynotes.

    They sit on the biggest, or one of the biggest, cash reserves in the world (more that what many countries have) because we pay far too much for their products.

    But at least their business model is not your data, or is it?

    guille garcia has never used this product.


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Jamie Martin@livejamie · Senior UX/UI at Raven Software
No headphone jack, after they made fun of Apple for it last Pixel
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@livejamie Now they make fun of no need for 2 lenses when they can do it all with just 1. DXO test images on Pixel 2's Portrait mode (they even copied Apple's naming lol) compared to iPhone 8+ just show what a hack their software portrait mode is compared to hardware based 3D depth mapping. Hacks show mistakes. I don't want photoshop fakerey in my photos that's hit and miss. Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8+
Ali R. Tariq@alirtariq · Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
@livejamie @garyfung didn't think I'd say this, but that's a pretty huge difference!
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@livejamie @alirtariq I'm losing faith in DXO for any objectivity. They released their (bought) review just before Pixel 2's unveil just so Google can tout its score. Talk about independent journalism? Who does this: unveil new products, and tout a review that's out just before said unveil? And this shows how big a difference like this just get glossed over in DXO's review:
Bo Wang@bluemonk482 · Researcher, AI, NLP
@livejamie @garyfung her head is wider with iphone 8
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@livejamie @bluemonk482 No it's not. Even if it is, it's perspective difference and not the point.
Jordan Fourcher@jfourcher · Badass from the future
@garyfung yea if you look at the low light photo of the guy with the hat in the iPhone 8 plus review and the same photo taken on the 8 plus in the Pixel 2 review you will see a huge difference
Liza Schwartz@liza__schwartz · Blonde who likes startups
@livejamie @garyfung I even don't know which camera is better for me...
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@livejamie @liza__schwartz iPhone. The Pixel 2 is impressive but it's handicapped by a single lens. 8+ cost as much as the Pixel 2 while it's 128gb to 8+'s 256gb, built like a toy, likely worse battery life, and the single lens. Photography is important to me, I have old DSLRs but I since they are mostly staying in the closet, I want a smartphone with almost DSLR level camera. With portrait mode I can count on (much improved over the 7+ from samples I've seen), the iPhone X is my next upgrade from my 6s.
Cole Gawin@chroline_ · Interested in what's up on Product Hunt!
@livejamie @garyfung Wow, the Pixel does such a nice job of displaying her! I would choose Google over Apple any day.
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@chroline_ you are either sarcastic or blind 😂
Alfonso C. Betancort@abetancort · CDO, Sensamatics
@livejamie @garyfung @chroline_ is the camera or the photographer who makes a photograph? If you think it’s the camera, you can forget about either and don’t discuss and buy the best medium format camera being built today with the best lenses available, because neither of those two smartphone cameras are even a half a decade away from rendering the quality that equipment delivers today. On the other hand, if you think that a photograph is made, not merely taken, by the photographer either camera will suffice the every day needs of a photographer (for digital media mostly). Discussing about the technical advantages of each camera is nonetheless pointless, because at the end of the day the quality of final result will not be determined by marginal technical differences or slight algorithmic advantages but by the third eye of photographer taking a photograph with any of these cameras. That third eye is the one that creates a photograph, a moment that never existed and will never exist in real life because the photographer purposely compressed four dimensions (space and time) into just two (a flat surface of the picture) to tell a story. This mythical third eye sits in almost all cases between two ears and is commonly known as the mind.
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@abetancort agreed but you are preaching to the choir (me). I have DSLRs I haven't used in a while because indeed, the best camera is the best camera I have with me. However, I do want the best tool for the job so I am going to compare which smartphone camera is the best. The best that I can easily use one hand (cough phablets) and easily pocket.
Alfonso C. Betancort@abetancort · CDO, Sensamatics
@livejamie @garyfung @chroline_ As no good painter would entertain himself discussing how much better the brushes, canvas or colors he uses are because nobody really cares, the only thing relevant is the merit of his work of art and not the tools by themselves. And the same applies to almost if not all at forms, including the art of photography. A good photographer would never entertain himself discussing or defending his tools beyond the anecdotical remark to his preferred, fetish, equipment. Because at the end of the day nobody cares, the only thing that is left, that is relevant is his work of art, the photograph which cannot be mimicked using the same tools the artist used, because that captured time that wasn’t and won’t repeat as Henri Cartier-Bresson described perfectly it in his reknown book “The Decisive Moment”, and any try to recreate it would be a unoriginal bad copy of a work of art.
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@abetancort how about I trade my toy camera for your DSLR if it doesn't matter. Your analogy fails when paint brushes have little differentiation and are far more functionally basic.
Alfonso C. Betancort@abetancort · CDO, Sensamatics
@garyfung I’m sorry if I confused you but a camera is to a photographer, the same as a set of brushes, colors and canvases is to a painter, just tools, and as long as they reach a minimum standard the rest on the mind and hands of the artist. By the way, about you exchange you have to be more specific in your request: do you want the matchbox pinhole 35mm film camera, the pinhole can 🥫 camera, the large format 4x5 view camera, the Canon T90 35mm SLR, the Minolta CLE 35mm compact Rangefinder, the Nikon F3 35 mm SLR, the compact Canon Powershot G9, the Nikon D700 Full-frame DSLR, the iPhone 6s... none of them are toys (and won’t exchange any for a toy) but tools and neither of them takes a better photograph than any other, that is left to me, I just end using what I think is the best tool to tell what I want to tell taking into the account the setting but sometimes I just have to shot with what I have at hand at the moment.
Alfonso C. Betancort@abetancort · CDO, Sensamatics
@garyfung if you want the best tool for the job be prepared to drive a van full of cameras and lenses, there isn’t no one size fits all... that’s if you take photographs, if you take snapshots any camera from days of the iPhone 5S on will more than suffice your needs. Don’t waste time discussing specs as if they were gaming workstations, a camera is not. Whatever a photographer let an AI engine decide for him that cann’t be reversed is simply an sloppy, lazy and unforgivable choice because everything can be done after the fact, adjusted, finetunned and reversed by the photographer in post-processing. For the casual snapshooter these features are fine but the marginal differences between both cameras won’t mean a thing. The same happens with most of the people discussing them as a substitutes for full frame dslr or medium format cameras don’t know why that inherently near impossible because it is a question of sensor size. Yes, smaller sensors are getting better with noise and color separation, but the same technology is making the full frame sensors better, capable of to get rid of low and bayes filtering making them much sharper, with lower noise and and much better color separation than ever. Yes, the advances in technology move down and up the ladder advancing any type of electronic camera, from the ones in smartphones to medium format.
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@abetancort All that writing and you don't seem to be making a point.
Valentin@valdecarpentrie · CEO @ ADrone / Writer @ Stuffi
RIP headphone jacks 😭
Gary Fung@garyfung · Founder, isoHunt. Devsigner.
@valdecarpentrie So much for Google making fun of Apple's "courage" last year. Copycats.
Kevin Lou@kevinbryantlou · Founder, Anytable 🍜
I. AM. IN. LOVE. The Black/White Pixel 2 XL will probably be my next phone. 😍
Dan@deec_nj · Sales Ops Manager, Bluecore
@kevinbryantlou ordered the all black version. Considered the b/w but I think any discoloration after use would drive me nuts.
Julian Lehr@lehrjulian · Working on something new. Xoogler.
@kevinbryantlou same here. i love the red power button.
Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
"One simple plan. Pay $20 per month for unlimited talk and text, and $10 per GB of data — and you never pay for data you don’t use. Even when you travel abroad, you’ll still pay the same $10 per GB in over 135 countries." That's pretty sweet.
Peedu Tuisk@peedutuisk · Creative Lead
> "Even when you travel abroad, you’ll still pay the same $10 per GB" Shows how expensive this plan really is that they can simply cover the world-wide roaming costs from the same monthly payment. :D /european
Duarte Martins@duarteosrm · Project Manager @ Startup Lisboa
@barnabybones that's quite expensive imho.
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
iPhone 8 by Google
Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
@rueter Well, it's actually by HTC (Pixel 2) and LG (Pixel 2 XL) but Google doesn't want you to know that.
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
@hayden_evans I stand corrected. iPhone 8 by Google but not by Google.
Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
@rueter Maybe it's "iPhone 8 outsourced by Google"
Mike Stenhouse@mikesten · Designer and programmer
@rueter @hayden_evans Google has acquired the HTC hardware team... so it actually is by Google now. 😉