The best alternatives to Cosm are Mubert, WordPress, and If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Cosm
  • Mubert is the world's first AI-operated technology that generates music in real-time and helps client-oriented businesses grow. Mubert's infinitely diverse music streams of any genre can serve as a customized feature for your business targets and aim to boost user LTV via UX personalization & building a stronger lifestyle brand.
  • Trusted by the Best. 43% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.
  • is a non-profit, growing library of pure, high quality nature sounds from around the world. Listen to immersive natural soundscapes 🌳 🎧 Support local charities who are taking care of the Earth 🌍 πŸ€—
  • Whether you are looking to listen to rain pouring while a train rolls by 🌧🚊 or you want to turn your office into an underwater oasisπŸ‹, Focusli allows you to mix sounds together, creating a collection of background noises that can transport you anywhere
  • Carbonize brings Dawn Lab's Carbon to the Mac desktop and adds some native features that make it even more of a pleasure to use. - You can drag code onto Carbonize's Dock icon. - Use the Services menu that's available in many editors to send code to Carbonize. - Drag exports from the preview window into as many apps or sites as you like.
  • Silenz is an app dedicated to headphones users who listen to music as a way to keep focused.
  • The Sounds of Earth project aims to raise awareness for the protection and restoration of our ecosystems by reminding people of the uniqueness and natural beauties of this planet.
  • As a web developer, I need to be able to focus, but sometimes the working space can be chaotic and noisy. That's why I created Spaces, a collection of high-quality binaural sounds to help you improve focus, boost your productivity, and even sleep better.
  • In the sound of ocean there is something of the marvelous
  • Build your own immersive, nature-inspired soundscape to eliminate distractions β€” whether you're meditating or simply getting stuff done.
  • Concentration is tough with an absence of sound. Ambients reintroduces the quiet, persistent background noise of the world with audio tracks meant to soothe without distraction.
  • Pure relaxation in your browser
  • Take a Walk lets you take virtual walks around the world, filtering by country, time of day and weather. Enjoy the sigths of cities all around the world, and relax with the sounds that they have to offer!
  • Relaxing World gives you an opportunity to create an ambiance that perfectly meets the needs of your body and mind, improves your mood and mental state, and enhances the positive perception of the world.
  • focus, meditate, sleep… escape into your own unique virtual 3d soundscape, so you can focus on what's really important. get away from your distracting surroundings and relax, focus or sleep in your own odio cocoon.
  • A simple menu bar macOS app that plays brown noise. Much smoother than typical white and pink noises, feels kind of like you're on an airplane.
  • Sounce is a free app to help you focus, relax or fall asleep. πŸ’€ Create your personal and unique atmosphere by choosing sounds from the library, adjust the volumes for a perfect harmony and listen to your creation. Indefinitely.
  • πŸ”Š πŸ”Š Mix curated music in 4 different genres: - Lofi - Classical - Jazz - Soundtrack with immersive nature / ambient sound. Also comes with tools like a to do list, notes, and a Pomodoro timer. To top it off, fun stats and titles, with more to come!
  • My secret garden - a garden with lots of hidden gems for relaxing, sleeping, or working.
  • Fluya uses binaural sound to simulate human hearing. You can hear the sounds of many different environments, weather and wildlife species as you navigate through a 3D nature scene. Put on your headphones, find the perfect spot, close your eyes and relax.