Zoho Office Suite

Zoho's new office suite of apps.

The Zoho Office Suite has been evolving over a decade to provide users contextually aware, easy to use online office suite that speaks with the other business and productivity apps your teams might be using.
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Rakeeb Rafeek
Product at Zoho
Thanks for the hunt, @Kevin. We just launched an updated version of the Zoho Office Suite (which comprises of Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show and Notebook). We'd love the ProductHunt community to take a look at it and tell us what you think. These updates set the stage for our vision for the future of work—which is a beautifully connected ecosystem of your business and productivity apps working together. Here are some major highlights of the release: Artificial intelligence We're bringing Zia, Zoho's intelligent assistant to our office suite as well. Here's what she's trained to do in each of the office suite app: 1. AI-based grammar and style suggestions Zia is your smart writing assistant in Writer, our online word processor. She can understand the context of your sentence, and identify grammatical errors. She can also come up with real-time style and readability suggestions to help improve your writing. You can learn more about this at: https://zoho.com/writer/zia.html 2. Quick insights to summarize your spreadsheets In Zoho Sheet, Zia can help to make sense of data on a spreadsheet quickly. You can ask her questions about your data, and also use her ready-to-use charts and pivot tables that she prepares as you enter the data. Learn more here: https://zoho.com/sheet/zia.html 3. Search and take notes for you In Zoho Notebook, our note-taking app, you can give Zia voice commands to search for a note or create a new one. You can even ask her to go find the top trending video on Youtube, or the latest recipe on The New York Times cooking section, and save it as a Smart Card. You learn more at: https://zoho.com/notebook/zia.html Contextual integrations, to do things faster The new Zoho Office Suite can bring data from the other parts of the Zoho ecosystem (like Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, and more) to your documents or spreadsheets easily. We're also bringing Zoho Sign's digital signature capabilities, right into our word processor Zoho Writer. You can insert wet-ink signatures, or create your signature collection workflow—which means you can now go from creating documents, to bringing sales data from Zoho CRM to finally signing it from one tool. And there's more. :) Here's the complete announcement: https://www.zoho.com/general/blo...
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