Zoho MarketingHub

All-in-one marketing software for multichannel engagement.

Zoho MarketingHub is an all-in-one marketing automation software for faster business growth. The data and metrics collected can be put to good use by designing web engagement flows.
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Thank you very much, @kevin for hunting Zoho MarketingHub! We’re glad to be introducing our integrated marketing automation software, Zoho MarketingHub. Zoho MarketingHub combines the power of a well-built, cohesive platform and the functionality of distinct marketing tools. With MarketingHub, you'll now know the reason behind everything—from why people visited your website and what stage your leads are currently in, to how a recent successful campaign fetched more returns. Here’s a walk-through of some of our features: Personalized conversion journeys: Journeys from MarketingHub help perform your engagement activities in the most humanized way. They provide triggers, logic elements, processes, and exit actions that let you build engagement flows and craft unique experiences for everyone. Multichannel Marketing: Through MarketingHub, you can seamlessly connect with leads and customers across different channels like email, social, website, and SMS. Create email marketing campaigns, set up automated drip emails, schedule social media posts or page campaigns, run targeted email signature campaigns, and quickly send out effective text messages—all from a single space. Web behavioral marketing: With behavioral analytics for your website and web application, you'll know why a visitor or user clicked your call-to-action, whether they took the actions you wanted, and what makes them care for your brand. You can set events for completion of page actions, assign goals and missed goals for activities, and track whether your goals were successfully achieved or missed. Unified system: As a Zoho user, you're sure to benefit from using our range of different marketing apps as part of our unified system. Some popular apps from our in-house suite include the brand-new Zoho Commerce Plus, Zoho CRM, Zoho Backstage, Zoho Survey, Zoho Sites, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho Forms. You can also integrate with some of the popular third-party applications like Salesforce, SugarCRM, G Suite, Wistia, Twilio, Clickatell, MessageMedia, Zendesk, WordPress, and Unsplash. Zoho MarketingHub is a part of Zoho's big picture, Zoho One, and will also be available as an integrated marketing platform in the suite. Complete lead orientation: Touchpoints and attribution reports give a clear view of the various information points in your lead's journey, from the time they show initial interest in your brand to the time they actually sign up or get associated with you. Lead generation tools like smart pop-ups, signup forms, and OnSpot forms help you broaden your lead base. Further, metrics like growth graph, source reports, and lead engagement levels, provide deeper insights. Lead qualification: To make your qualification process simpler, MarketingHub provides scores and tags that let you segment the best of the best. Cumulative scores help you gauge the high-performing leads, and you can group them for further reference using a tag. The lead stages tool helps you categorize leads based on their current engagement stage, which makes micro-targeting easier. Marketing campaign planner: For every marketing campaign, define your objectives, decide on your targets, pick your engagement channel, and select the budget currency—the rest is handled by the tool. See how your campaigns perform in real time, and get metrics like budget allocation, channel performance, touchpoint analysis, and monetary estimation at your fingertips. Engagement Marketing: With Zoho MarketingHub, try out all the variations to stay in touch with your customers in the most effective way. Organize events, promote webinars, send surveys, set up drip nurturing, run social campaigns, and deliver timely text messages. Take control of your customer engagement across multiple avenues, without having to worry about missing anything essential. We’d love to hear from you all about Zoho MarketingHub! :) Thank you! Regards, Aishwarya Ashok
@aishwarya_ashok Hi and congrats to the launch! Is it possible to send events via API or track activity in a web app for sending emails? E.g. - signed up but never logged in - logged in but didn’t use in the last 7 days - Trial about to expire and still tasks open Can these be tracked and where can the rules be modeled? Thank you🙏
Thank you very much, @valerioneri! Yes. By defining actions within your web application, you'll be able to set goals and missed goals that'll tell you what activities have been performed and missed by your users, accordingly. Give the script in corresponding app actions (buttons or links in your product), and you'll be go to go, then! You can set different criteria based on usage—the recent users, old users, and so on, to make sure you track specific users' actions. For further information or in case of any questions, write to us at support@zohomarketinghub.com and we'll guide you accordingly. Regards, Aishwarya Ashok
Hey, You did a great job! Hope your App will shoot 🙌
@tim_panov Thank you very much, Timofey! Do let us know about MarketingHub once you try. :)

As a Zoho One (CRM, Finance, Campaign, App Creator, Flow, etc) I was excited to get this addition to the ever growing portfolio. It is a terrific start to a customer engagement engine, though there are still a few glitches to sort out.


Simple with deep integration to Zoho CRM and many other products


Still a little rough around the edges.