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Drag and drop widgets like single and multiselectors, maps, calendars, and rating scales available editor

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Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc Hello everyone! I am really excited to share what we have done on our Live Chat & Visitor engagement software SalesIQ by Zoho. Zobot is a custom Bot building platform. With which, one can build powerful bots which are deeply programmable, contextual and customizable. These bots can be programmed to perform various activities on your website & mobile apps like : 1. Help navigate your website visitors based on their interest 2. Schedule appointments with your Sales Team 3. Display product recommendations 4. To Qualify visitors on the website and connect with the right operators 5. Not just sharing links to guide, These bots can deliver self-service to resolve the customer issues 6. Make requests like reporting an issue on your software product, to book a site visit for your real estate project or to deliver a product to a specific location from your mobile app. You can think of Zobot as modeling clay, which can be sculpted to fit your very specific requirements when most other chatbot platforms are like Lego sets, which give you pre-made parts to create a vague shape of what you want. With Zobot, there are no limitations for customization. You can code your chatbot to do any task or integrate with an internal database or software your business uses. The bot connects with a piece of code with the complete context of the visitor for its execution. With the context and the question from the visitors, the bots can connect with your favorite CRM, HelpDesk Software and any online application with open Apis to do actions or to display results. You can also program the bot to perform SalesIQ actions like forwarding the conversation to an operator, Display operator busy status, Block the visitor and more. The platform has a gallery with 15+ pre-built bots that cover the most common business verticals and functions. More details about the platform and sample codes @ https://www.zoho.com/salesiq/hel... Go on, give Zobot a try! We'll be here all day, ask away your questions 😄
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@kwdinc @jerrydgeorge I love the features here and I've been trying this out over the last week. Lead Forensics does something similar but I do like how they are able to match up IP addresses to their respective companies. Are there any capabilities or 3rd party apps that can do the same thing in SalesIQ?
@kwdinc @rewardsworks Glad you like the feature. SalesIQ integrates with Clearbit to lookup companies from IP address and to enrich visitor profile. More details at https://www.zoho.com/salesiq/hel.... We are also working to add more such services to the list. We will keep you posted, Cheers!



customisable bot to suit business and needs of the customer through predictive responses


like any bot you need to think carefully about the inputs to provide the best experience

Give it a go!


Easy to use, very customisable and great support


You need to define the business process that the Bot supports first

@jerrydgeorge - So this doesn't have any AI yet ? What plans around that ?
@bhoga Zobot is a platform to allow users to program bots to interact with the website visitors and mobile app users. The platform provides data about the visitor learned from past access pattern to deploy personalized Bots. It also integrates with Dialogflow and Zia for natural language processing. We are also working on autolearning bots which can learn from the knowledge base fed to the system and also from the past interactions. We'll keep you posted!