Turn your Mac into a Spotify alarm clock.

Wakefy is a simple, beautiful macOS app that turns your Mac or Macbook into a Spotify alarm clock ✨

It works even if your Mac is turned off.

Wakefy forces you to actually get out of bed and walk to turn off your alarm .

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👋 Hi Product Hunters! Are you a morning snoozer? Personal story here: I have a sleep disorder called DSPS that makes me a really heavy sleeper – it tricks my brain into thinking it’s still nighttime when there’s already light. It’s early in the morning right now here in Spain and it usually would have been really difficult for me to get up and get anything done, had I not had Wakefy. I needed a way to force myself to actually get out of bed and stand up every morning. You know, having my phone within arm's reach wasn’t helping me getting up on time – I just learned to hit the snooze button without even opening an eye. And since my Macbook usually sits in a desk away from my bed, I thought of the idea of using it as my alarm clock, which would force me to walk to it to turn off the alarm. And, preferably, I wanted to wake up in a good mood 💫 That’s why I created Wakefy, a simple macOS app that turns my Mac into a Spotify alarm clock. I made it free, I just wanna help people solve their waking up problems, or just have better mornings. It soon became obvious Wakefy was really useful in a whole different range of situations: - When you fall asleep watching Netflix/TV and you forget to set up alarms on your phone - In situations where you ran out of battery on your phone or just left it at home altogether (travelling, staying over at some friend’s…) - Or if you just want to wake up to your favorite Spotify tunes 🎶 Some friends tested it and thought this was something that could help others… so here we are 🚀 This is my first launch ever! 🎉 Really excited! Please let me know your feedback! Happy to answer any questions :)
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@rameerez This is genius !! Every now and then I see a product and think - I can't believe this didn't already exist, makes so much sense. This is one 👏🏽
@abadesi wow. Just wow. Thank you for your words, Abadesi! :)
@abadesi @rameerez shitty fucking product. Shit won't work
Congrats on your launch! I much prefer waking up to music than an annoying alarm. Much better way to start the day! Request: This as an iPhone app. Not sure how that would work technically, but I don't always have my Mac nearby my bed.
@marckohlbrugge Thanks Marc! :) Yup, that would definitely be the next logical step, but I'm not sure it can be technically done either. On the Mac, Wakefy needs sudo permissions to change the computers' scheduled wake up time, not sure that's even possible under more limited mobile operating systems. Will try to come up with a hack anyways, this has been requested multiple times by friends. But I wanted to finish the macOS version first and ship, ship, ship 🚀
@marckohlbrugge +1 for the iPhone app suggestion. I would much rather wake up to Justin Bieber, but I don't leave my Macbook on overnight. 😁
@marckohlbrugge @rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks for commenting! We all love Justin Bieber in the morning :D Btw, maybe I need to make it clearer, you can turn your Mac off and Wakefy will power it on in the morning to wake you up. No need to leave your Macbook on overnight!
@rameerez ahh! I missed that. Smart.
I sure wish I could listen to albums or playlists I create using this program. I see that I can wake up to playlists created by Spotify, but all the best music exists in playlists that I create myself.
@magnuson Thanks for commenting! Hmmm... are those playlists of yours public?
Hey Javi, Great idea. I personally wanted to build this for myself but couldn't get around the fact that my Mac is password protected. How did you guys get around it?
@ardakaracizmeli Thanks! Password-protected login is not a problem as long as your Mac is sleeping – apps can be launched if there is a user logged in. If the Mac is completely turned off, automatic login has to be enabled, though. As a security feature, Macs won't launch any user program unless a user is logged in. In the FAQ (https://wakefy.com/faq.html) we explain exactly how this works + it's explained within the app too. We recommend just putting the Mac to sleep, as it will work without having to worry about anything else.
@rameerez Lovely, and thanks for the explanation!
Hey, this is exactly what I was looking for!!! Will try it out!!
@tweetsrinir Thank you! Please let me know your feedback! :D