Visual Studio Code

Cross-platform & free robust code editor from Microsoft

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I've been on the hunt for a Mac code editor that'd feel more like the visual studio experience I'm used to... And then I remembered Visual Studio Code... Opening it on my Mac reminded me of the simplicity of Sublime in nav, but as I used it... intellisense made me feel at home. It's very feature rich, and seems quite speedy. Have you used it? What do you think?
This looks nothing like the visual studio i used to use. It's so simple. Looks much more like sublime/atom/vim. This is a good thing 😎
Hi Everyone - My name is Chris Dias, I'm on the Visual Studio Code team. It's very cool to see it on producthunt! Happy to answer any questions folks have.
@chrisdias Was there any thought to not using the Visual Studio name? I πŸ’š VS, but not everyone does. Some can't see the disconnect from this lightweight editor and the powerhouse of VS.
@jsneedles @chrisdias VS Code is in the Visual Studio family of products: VS, VS Code, VS Online (which you can see here: Before VS Code we only had an IDE, so if you are a terminal and editor person, we had nothing to offer you. With VS Code, we now have an IDE and an Editor, something for everyone. Of course, we didn't want to have just another editor. Instead we wanted to build a better editor by bringing in the core "edit-build-debug" loop from traditional IDEs to VS Code. That's why we have great editing/code navigation experiences and debugging experiences as core features of the tool.
Downloaded this the other day to see how it compares to what I currently use (Atom). So far I love the design of the application, can't wait to really use it for my current project.