Combine the personal touch of video with the automation of bots to deliver personalized and engaging messages at scale. Video Bots see 4x the typical engagement rate of email.

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Hey hunters, Matt here from the product team at Intercom. Hot on the heels of our release of Custom Bots, we’re excited to share that video is coming to Intercom in a big way – we're combining video + bot-powered automation to bring you Video Bots. Why video? Video is the most engaging digital medium. It lets humans be humans, online. The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video. It’s personal, engaging, and we believe it’s at the forefront of customer communication technology. Now businesses can unlock the full potential of video, combined with the automation of bots, which have already 4x the typical engagement rates of email. Here are just a few ways businesses can use Video Bots: Grab attention and drive action. Capture more leads from your website, automatically qualify them 24/7 and convert more of them to customers. Convert key accounts. Capture interest in the moment. Send targeted videos to accounts when they’re live on your site to increase win-rate. Showcase new products to increase sales. Video Bots are the virtual salesperson for your website. Welcome customers, share what’s new, and get them to buy. Get valuable customer insights. Increase survey participation to get more insight into the performance of your product, support team, and more. This is just the beginning of our video story here at Intercom, and you can expect to see more from us soon by way of video and automation. Head to our website to learn more about Video Bots at We’d love to know what you think! Cheers, Matt
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Would love to try this with a new video we're introducing for Ship 2.0's upcoming launch. 😊
@rrhoover let's make it happen, mate! Can't wait to see what you produce. 🙌🏻
Are you sure customers would like to spend their time watching video bots if they can save it by reading text messages?
@asmekhov @mattnhodges I'm curious to this question as well -- I presume you have enough reason to hypothesize that video (not as a whole, but in this specific use case) has a unique value prop vs. text? Does intercom have a hypothesis as to what rules of thumb drive which type of engagement?
@asmekhov @selfdm Hi there, Dan from Intercom here. In short, Video Bots are a completely new medium and we'll continue to learn where they work best. We're excited to see how our customers use them in practice. In the short time we have been using them, we've seen tremendous engagement by comparison to traditional approaches to proactively engaging website visitors. What we do know though is that there are different types of learners that each engage and respond differently to different mediums e.g. video vs. text vs. audio. In general, some people are far more likely to click a play button than they are to read a paragraph of text. I think that's why we've already seen up to 4x better engagement with Video Bots. Additionally, in circumstances where leads or customers are beginning a relationship with a company, there are a ton of ways video can help create a stronger, more authentic connection. Whether its welcoming new visitors to your site, new signups to your app, or making a big announcement, video can help create a human connection that benefits both the customer and the business.
Love this. @intercom Can you do these in-app as well? Say, for onboarding tutorials?
@intercom @dave_poly great minds, Dave. 😃 Something we're actively exploring.
@intercom @dave_poly @mattnhodges I see great potential in companies casting actors to do these videos for them, perhaps through the network ;)
Nice! Would love to see how this works instead of our current setup with 2-3 bot replies. I feel like we have too much text not presented in a great way... this might even work better than having image replies I asked about.