In-app messaging suite for user support on the web

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This looks interesting, and along the same lines as Fomo I think tools like this could be quite helpful for sites to give you tips, info etc as you navigate, but (as I mentioned in Fomo) there will obviously be the use case of people using it as popups that could easily annoy some people. All in all, these things can work great if they are used well
@bentossell Thanks Ben. I completely agree. Any messaging works well if it's timely and relevant. At we make emphasis on Triggers, so you can define where to show an in-app message and based on what user behavior, so that they don't annoy users
Thanks for hunting @bentossell. Let me share the back story. (it's an SEO name, really) was born out of our own need. Basically, we wanted to answer FAQs and provide help to new users. I always felt like sending a user to an FAQs page or messaging them later over email was too late. After all if you're trying to figure out the product, you want help right there right now. The product is in open beta, would love your thoughts, comments, suggestions. Feel free to ask us anything.
@romanzadyrako @bentossell Hi! This looks nice. I found some similarities with Intercom. Am I correct? Cheers
@danflopes Thank you Daniel. Quite a few customers we get use in conjuction with Intercom. The feedback we get is that they need more flexibility in addressing user issues. That's where Tooltip comes in. We employ 6 message types (a couple more in the works) from simple tooltips to draw user's attention to a menu item or decode unfamiliar term to page specific FAQs (see example - and more.
Finally on PH! Have been following these guys for ages, awesome product
@arturkiulian Thank you Artur.
Looks great - quite tempted. However, I don't see the two way messaging... seems like we can create messages, even contextual help tips, but what if a customer has a question in response to a message?
@batsirai_chada Thank you Batsirai. Valid point. The use case we had in mind is eliminating those 50% of customer support tickets that usually deal with repetitive user questions about product functionality, i.e. What does LTV mean? or How do I add a team member? so you can answer them in-app as they arise in context of the page or task at hand. Here's an example of what I'm talking about -
@romanzadyrako Totally agree. So for your intercom integration - do you see providing an option to end users to contact support if the tooltip didn't supply the right answer. B e also great if we could then see which tooltips resulted in tickets... so we could improve those tooltips?
This is a really cool tool, must for all SaaS applications. Provide realtime and relevant assistance to your customers to guide them in your software usage.
@palash76 Thank you Palash. It's great to know what we do makes sense.