The Ultimate Guide to G Suite

Learn how to administer G Suite in 55 minutes

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Hey Product Hunt! Excited to be back with a new book—this time, a guide to setting up G Suite for your team that you can read for free in just under an hour. If you've never set up a G Suite account or any other email service on a custom domain, the first chapters will guide you through all of the DNS and account settings. Then, it shows how to import (and export) everything into G Suite, to bring in all the data from your old accounts and keep everything backed up going forward. The most fun part—at least to me—is chapter 4, which includes workarounds to share almost everything you could want in G Suite. Want your company to share email footers and document templates? That's easy and built in. Need to share contacts and calendar events automatically with every new team member? That's a bit more tricky—but we found ways to get it working. There's more, too, with ways to search through your company's files and tips on building an intranet in Google Sites. We hope it'll help your team get the most out of G Suite!