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Just a friendly reminder: Giving an app access to your email account is a huge amount of trust, apart from your email it essentially gives them access to every service you have registered under that email address due to password resets. Even if you 100% trust the creators of the app you're also assuming that they've fully security hardened their platform because any such app is a highly valuable target for hackers.
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@imranghory This comment should be at the top! Cool service, but approach with caution. There's a similar service out there called Gmail Meter which actually uses a Google Script and stores data on your own Google Account, so a much safer option.
Time for everyone to show off how inbox busy they are. :) My stats over the past 100 days, compared to 168 others that signed up so far: - 6,585 emails sent (ranking: 1) - 29,784 emails received (ranking: 4) - 13h 56m avg response time (ranking: 40) - 17.2% emails answered (ranking: 48) -- whoops! - My global rank: 4
@rrhoover dude I'm at 19% reply rate and I let very very little slip through the cracks. Think this is more of a comment on how many emails are need not reply. Which spawns it's whole own rabbit hole of thought.
@rrhoover - I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed.... My global rank: 1 out of 4415
@jimmymackin wow. I'm impressed/feel sorry for you. :)
So this is awesome. Just shared with my entire team and told them all to do it. It would be awesome to compare to a group or a domain. Heck some companies might even pay for that. If I could get a report of all of the emails for my specific domain and how each person is doing. That would be extremely valuable. It could also drive adoption. I want to see how I'm ranked next to my coworkers / peers. My ranking: 19037 emails received (14 out of 591) 3639 emails sent (11 out of 591) 21h 19' response time (295 out of 591) 10.9% emails answered (254 out of 591) Global Rank: 18 out of 591
@adamevers yeah that's definitely a good idea! Thanks Adam!
Thanks for sharing Ryan! If you're wondering how it works, you can have a look here: Let me know if you have any question :)
We all knew you hustled Ryan, but holy shit. @collinmathilde how do you count answered? A huge percentage of email are from auto-responders or lists and many don't use donotreply addresses to look personalized.
@ChaseTheTruth I came here to ask the same thing. Love the idea, but made me curious :)