Meet the all-new Intercom Messenger – the only Business Messenger built for more than just chat. Accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle with a new customizable home screen, a growing library of Messenger apps, and a truly extensible platform.

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This is a brilliant move. Intercom's hit the level of scale where they can support an app ecosystem and if done right, we'll see a ton of makers and companies build apps for their Messenger. We're happy to be a launch partner (thanks to @imkmf's work). The first app allows you to display your PH product post inside Messenger (GIF how-to above) but we'd also like to build more apps that makers might find useful. Ideas/feedback!? 😊
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@imkmf @rrhoover thanks so much for supporting us! We absolutely love your app. So much so we’re using it on our own home screen over at 🙌🏻
@imkmf @rrhoover @mattnhodges Just wish you guys support multi language help centers... waiting for more then a year for this....
G’day hunters–me again, with what’s perhaps Intercom’s biggest release ever. No joke. Today we launched the all-new Intercom Messenger. And it’s incredible. We’ve reimagined what a Business Messenger should be, going beyond just chat and opening up a platform that helps businesses accelerate growth across the entire customer lifecycle – acquisition, engagement, and support. Here’s what’s new: 1. Customizable home screen: Like the perfect front desk for your website or app - create tailored experiences for leads and customers when they open the Messenger. 2. Messenger apps: Complete actions in the Messenger seamlessly with a growing library of apps for Stripe, Statuspage, Shopify, Google Meet, Aircall, Product Hunt and more. 3. Extensible platform: Create your own Messenger apps to suit your unique workflows – and enable entirely new ones. Plus, there are new customization options, sounds and more. Best of all, the new Messenger and new apps are 100% free to use with existing Intercom subscriptions. Head over to our website to learn more - - or watch our live event - - hosted by our VP of Product Paul Adams, today at 9:30 am PT. We’d love to know what you think!
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@mattnhodges Hi Matt, love the new messenger! Just wondering, when you say they're free to use "with existing Intercom subscriptions", does that mean new customers will have to pay more?
@benkingntu thanks Ben! Good question. There are no changes to pricing, for new or existing customers, with this release.
@mattnhodges amazing update to a great product. I use intercom more then email, WhatsApp & messenger. Now was hoping for some PH special jump the queue link here but looks like I just have to wait until its rolled out?
@imrat 🙏🏻 I’ll see what I can do
@mattnhodges This looks awesome! Is there a certain order that the update is rolled out in, or is it just random? Can’t wait to try it out! 👍

It has been fantastic working side by side with the people at Intercom and be part of this launch!


It is an amazing tool. It is literally a new way to interact with your customers and prospects without leaving Intercom.


Don't see any right now.

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Not cool. Good artists copy. Great artists steal? Sorry!
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@planetabhi You've got to remember that Intercom's probably been working on this for quite some time. I've liked Kayako for a while, and check it out from time-to-time, only now have I seen that "home screen" section. It's possible it's just a coincidence.
@jmedwards Yeah for this size of an update for Intercom, it's probably been in the works for longer than that.
We've had a great time building an app for the new Messenger that we use internally. Intercom uses a really interesting take on app integrations that I haven't seen before. It works surprisingly well and is easy to develop for. Definitely lots of opportunities for companies to speed up their workflow here with little effort.
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@zemaj thanks so much, James! We're super impressed with the app you all built for ChargeDesk. 🙌🏻