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#5 Product of the MonthApril 2018

Meet the all-new Intercom Messenger – the only Business Messenger built for more than just chat. Accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle with a new customizable home screen, a growing library of Messenger apps, and a truly extensible platform.

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  • Jonathan PriceSales, Marketing & Events

    Yes - the "home screen" concept with apps brings something entirely new to the chat / bot space. Excellent.


    None that I can think of.

    In the process of setting this up now with a client and very excited by the possibility. It also means re-thinking some recent competitive tool implementations at other clients. It is *that* good.

    Jonathan Price has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Great for product teams


    Not suitable for marketers

    As a marketer, without a JavaScript event API to pass chat events to various front-end integrations such as Segment and Google Analytics, it's relatively useless as it's impossible to see how Intercom influences website conversions.

    Luke Bussey has used this product for one year.


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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is a brilliant move. Intercom's hit the level of scale where they can support an app ecosystem and if done right, we'll see a ton of makers and companies build apps for their Messenger. We're happy to be a launch partner (thanks to @imkmf's work). The first app allows you to display your PH product post inside Messenger (GIF how-to above) but we'd also like to build more apps that makers might find useful. Ideas/feedback!? 😊
Matt HodgesMaker@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
@imkmf @rrhoover thanks so much for supporting us! We absolutely love your app. So much so we’re using it on our own home screen over at 🙌🏻
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@imkmf @mattnhodges brilliant 👏🏼
Eoghan McCabe@eoghanmccabe · CEO at Intercom
@imkmf @rrhoover Thank you. ❤️
Anderson Faria Santos@andersonfsantos · Product Owner / Business Developer
@imkmf @rrhoover @mattnhodges Just wish you guys support multi language help centers... waiting for more then a year for this....
Matt HodgesMaker@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
G’day hunters–me again, with what’s perhaps Intercom’s biggest release ever. No joke. Today we launched the all-new Intercom Messenger. And it’s incredible. We’ve reimagined what a Business Messenger should be, going beyond just chat and opening up a platform that helps businesses accelerate growth across the entire customer lifecycle – acquisition, engagement, and support. Here’s what’s new: 1. Customizable home screen: Like the perfect front desk for your website or app - create tailored experiences for leads and customers when they open the Messenger. 2. Messenger apps: Complete actions in the Messenger seamlessly with a growing library of apps for Stripe, Statuspage, Shopify, Google Meet, Aircall, Product Hunt and more. 3. Extensible platform: Create your own Messenger apps to suit your unique workflows – and enable entirely new ones. Plus, there are new customization options, sounds and more. Best of all, the new Messenger and new apps are 100% free to use with existing Intercom subscriptions. Head over to our website to learn more - - or watch our live event - - hosted by our VP of Product Paul Adams, today at 9:30 am PT. We’d love to know what you think!
Ben KingPro@benkingntu · Maker of SaaS Products
@mattnhodges Hi Matt, love the new messenger! Just wondering, when you say they're free to use "with existing Intercom subscriptions", does that mean new customers will have to pay more?
Matt HodgesMaker@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
@benkingntu thanks Ben! Good question. There are no changes to pricing, for new or existing customers, with this release.
Imrat Jn@imrat · Affiliates Anonymous
@mattnhodges amazing update to a great product. I use intercom more then email, WhatsApp & messenger. Now was hoping for some PH special jump the queue link here but looks like I just have to wait until its rolled out?
Matt HodgesMaker@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
@imrat 🙏🏻 I’ll see what I can do
Oscar Bunting@oscar_bunting · Founder and CEO at Alt-Gen
@mattnhodges This looks awesome! Is there a certain order that the update is rolled out in, or is it just random? Can’t wait to try it out! 👍
Abhimanyu Rana@planetabhi · Designer
Not cool. Good artists copy. Great artists steal? Sorry!
Christian Vanderbeck@christian_vanderbeck
@planetabhi What am i missing?
Oscar Bunting@oscar_bunting · Founder and CEO at Alt-Gen
@planetabhi You've got to remember that Intercom's probably been working on this for quite some time. I've liked Kayako for a while, and check it out from time-to-time, only now have I seen that "home screen" section. It's possible it's just a coincidence.
Oscar Bunting@oscar_bunting · Founder and CEO at Alt-Gen
@jmedwards Yeah for this size of an update for Intercom, it's probably been in the works for longer than that.
James Peter@zemaj · Co-Founder, ChargeDesk
We've had a great time building an app for the new Messenger that we use internally. Intercom uses a really interesting take on app integrations that I haven't seen before. It works surprisingly well and is easy to develop for. Definitely lots of opportunities for companies to speed up their workflow here with little effort.
Matt HodgesMaker@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
@zemaj thanks so much, James! We're super impressed with the app you all built for ChargeDesk. 🙌🏻
Eoghan McCabe@eoghanmccabe · CEO at Intercom
@zemaj 🙏
Dimo TrifonovHiring@denull · Founder of @feeld
So simple and so mind-blowing. This basically kills our current stack - Smooch, Elevio (knowledge base), Front. Thank you Intercom for bringing all the essential tools required for supporting our members at Feeld.