An interactive meditation app for mindfulness on the move

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ustwo makes beautiful apps. This is the second meditation app they've launched. Pause came first. Why two? Side note: There's an increasing number of startups building for the meditation space. Headspace and Calm have been around a while. YC just backed @yunhajkim's Simple Habit and @kevinrose is working on a new app in this area.
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@rrhoover Pause and Sway build on the same idea but have two different ways of input. With Pause you provide movement by touching on the screen, with Sway it's the phone's motion sensors that pick up the movement.
Does this app write to Health.app with Mindful Minutes?
@nicktfried Would love it to, but it doesn't seem to do that just yet. Can imagine that's on the list of priorities though and a nice big win!
Meditation apps are the new chatbot
You guys make great apps, really. I thought my stab at the meditation app market with 10 Minute Meditation was a good idea, but this is really nice.
I've been looking for an app that helps with meditation that I only have to pay for once! Excited to try this out!