A relaxation and meditation app by ustwo

Sway by PAUSE is an ‘interactive meditation’ experience. It uses your phone to track movement and provides feedback to help you gain focus and improve your attention.

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It seems that meditation apps are the new to-do apps. Everyone's making one. That said, PAUSE's approach is much different from the others I've seen. I'm interested to give it a try, especially since ustwo is behind it (they make rad things).
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Just played with Pause, this is fantastic. Instead of just a voice guiding you (such as Calm or Headspace) where it's still easy for your mind to wander, Pause gives your motor cortex something to focus on - I have to physically do something, albeit very minimal. Will be replacing Calm with Pause for a week or so to explore the difference it makes to my meditation.
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@darrenux Yeah, this approach is unique and awesome. I really dig it (plus, I'm a real-time graphics and demoscene guy, so all of these marching squares makes my tummy tingle :) @millsustwo
Mediation or meditation? Title above =)
I like it so far! Super simple, but it did calm me down when my mind was racing.
Relaxation and mediation? Doesn't sound that relaxing.