Simple Habit

Meditation for people who never have time

Mandeep Singh
  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep SinghA Maker & Startups Enthusiast

    Simple to use, great voice over, lots of content


    Haven't got any yet.

    Seems to be a pretty decent app with a great voiceover and lots of content. I only did a simple 5-minute meditation round and still somehow felt a bit relaxed considering I had a lot of work to be done today. Obviously, these 5 minutes are not enough to give you a full-blown review but it felt good enough to add it to my final shortlist.

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Suzy Ryoo
Suzy RyooHunter@suzywillow · Atom Factory & Cross Culture Ventures
My dear friend Yunha is the founder of Simple Habit. Been lucky to be hearing about this concept from her since her past company Locket was acquired by Wish, and honored to hunt it today on PH (all the way from Cannes, France)! I've used the app since it launched quietly on the app store, and I love the Progress bar on the home screen, gamifying the experience with # of total sessions, # of total minutes & # day streak, complete with a calendar that highlights days with completed sessions. 5 minutes is a perfect quick time. I haven't yet been able to explore the "On The Go" tab as well as the "Library" but I think they'd be quite useful for me and others who would like to meditate but truly never have time :) Question -- What's next for Simple Habit, how do you envision differentiating Simple Habit from LA company Headspace and SF based Congrats, Yunha and team!
Yunha Kim
Yunha KimMaker@yunhajkim · CEO, Simple Habit
Hey Suzy, great question. Thanks for hunting Simple Habit! We’re SO excited about the Netflix/Spotify model that we’re introducing into the meditation app space - Simple Habit is the first to bring the highest quality meditation teachers from around the world (most trained by Google’s mindfulness program) onto one platform. This has given us the opportunity to offer a huge variety of topics from teachers with different expertises (e.g. meditations for entrepreneurs; meditations for the morning before going to work, during work break, etc). We love Headspace & Calm (I’ve used them myself actually!), but wanted to offer a variety of teachers instead of one single teacher :)
CheneyTsai@cheneytsai · Product Consultant, Google
Excited to give this beautiful app some good usage. Getting to a meditative state shouldn't require MORE planning/thinking/deciding since that's part of the daily work day we're trying to get away from. This looks like a great intro to beginners or someone who just needs a frictionless entry to the practice.
Yunha Kim
Yunha KimMaker@yunhajkim · CEO, Simple Habit
Hi everyone, I'm Yunha, founder and CEO of Simple Habit. It’s great to see Simple Habit on PH! At my previous startup Locket, I went through a burn-out… and was so stressed that I started meditating. Since then, meditating just a few minutes a day has really changed my life. I created Simple Habit to help busy people (like me!) find moments of calm in their day and manage stress better :) Please feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions! I’d love to hear from you. I'm at
Rish@rish_says · Ex-CEO & Founder @letsintern | Stanford
I have used the app - and I would suggest you go through a 5 minute module before you make up your mind on this app. Definitely a great app for our multi-tasking life - mental fitness must compliment physical fitness. Thanks @Yunha
Alex Shin
Alex Shin@luvandp3ace · Head of US Ops
Excited to see Simple Habit featured here. Great for beginners like me just getting comfortable.
Yunha Kim
Yunha KimMaker@yunhajkim · CEO, Simple Habit
@alex_shin Awesome to hear. Have you been using Simple Habit? Curious how you like it. Let me know if you have any feedback as well!