Stripe iOS SDK

Accept both Apple Pay and credit card payments easily on iOS

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How is this new? I thought Stripe has always worked on iOS?
@blendahtom as per their blog post, some new things: Adding cards: Make it easy for your customers to save card details in your app to use for future purchases. We’ll also handle tokenizing the card info so that sensitive data never hits your servers. Editing cards: Smarter Saved Cards will keep most card details up-to-date automatically, even if they expire or change. You can also let customers manually edit their card info within your app. Billing info: Use our pre-built, native forms to collect addresses from customers. Apple Pay detection: The SDK now configures your app to automatically fall back to a native flow if Apple Pay isn’t supported on the customer’s device. (Previously, you had to manually check for Apple Pay support before presenting either flow.)
@bentossell @blendahtom From the blog post, it looks like there aren't actually any new features here, but they've made it easier for developers to implement those features in the SDK with some reusable new components. Stripe has had Apple Pay support from it's launch, and has been able to automatically update card details for years. Still, it's great that they are refining their execution here, and I'm sure a lot of iOS devs will appreciate it. I'd be curious to see how it the complexity of this implementation stacks up against Braintree these days. Braintree gets you a lot more payment methods: cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and Coinbase/bitcoin.
@mvboeke @bentossell @blendahtom (I work at Stripe) We support a bunch of payment methods out of the box with a unified integration: credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, 135+ currencies (including Bitcoin), Alipay (which is used by 500M Chinese users), ACH payments. We're also testing out betas to support a few other payment types, including SEPA payments in Europe. Drop me a line if you have any feedback or need any help getting started!
@romainhuet @jflinter tell us whats been going on at Stripe with this SDK :)
@bentossell @romainhuet Oh hi! Seems like you already know what's up! But yeah, we've added a bunch of prebuilt, customizable UI components to our SDK. We've also added utilities that make it easy to build really good checkout flows that use Apple Pay when available/our new components when it's not.
Great to see Stripe integrate Apple Pay so quickly into their SDK. Gives devs a lot of trust that they will continue to lead the way as new forms of payments developer. Reminds when they quickly added bitcoin a while back.
@tylerswartz Thanks so much! FWIW, we've supported Apple Pay in our SDK since it launched in 2014. Yesterday's launch is effectively a bunch of wrapper code for both Apple Pay and our new UI components, which makes it easy to build a checkout flow that always uses the best available payment method.
It would be nice if Stripe checked if a device had a Bitcoin wallet app installed; and if the device does, bitcoin should be shown as an option. Same with AliPay.
This looks like an awesome update. The only thing Stripe is missing is micro-payment pricing. That's the one advantage PayPal has.