Stripe Billing for Europe

SCA, invoicing, and tax tools for Stripe

We’re launching new features for Stripe Billing to help recurring revenue businesses expand internationally and get ready for the upcoming Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements in Europe:
📄 Customizable invoices
🧮 Tax tools
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Thank you team Stripe 😭so happy this is a thing now <3
I've been waiting on support for VAT tax for so long with Stripe! So glad it's finally here!
Does it mean Stripe cart can save CC details too?
Does it handle VAT? This is the biggest drawback with Stripe that it doest handle VAT for you like eg. Paddle or Gumroad does.
@csaba_kissi We now help you collect and report on VAT (, and we're working on adding more tax features in the future!
@csaba_kissi @edwinwee This is the best news! Great work thus far - looking forward to more features that simplify dealing with taxes
The screenshots show GST as a tax. Does that mean that Australian support is coming?