Whether you work at a 10-person firm or a company that’s 10,000 strong, channels in Slack give your team a foundation for work that’s fundamentally different and far more effective than email. They organize conversations, keep communication open and transparent, and create a searchable archive that anyone on your team can reference.

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Predictable but super useful feature. Most importantly for Slack, it strengthens their network effects beyond internal teams. Brilliant.
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@rrhoover curious to know how folks are going to use this; are you using it? We've created a separate Slack group for our customers before, but it creates mayhem for support (creates a new, hard to track channel for tickets, and sets immediate response expectations), so wondering what other uses you and other folks have.
@_pulkitagrawal we've seen lots of people create private slack channels for customers and have trouble managing tickets, which is why we built a product that lets you create tickets from Slack!
This is extremely big news for the developer ecosystem. One of the hard parts of building internal tools like Tettra.co is that the virality stops at the walls of the organization. Shared channels breaks those walls and unlocks a much needed viral channel for developers. Thanks Slack for making this happen and for opening it up to the developer ecosystem 🙌🏾
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Forcing both teams to be on a paid tier seems like a pretty big oversight/pain. We rely heavily on Slack but some of our client's which WE would benefit from (as paying customer's) do not rely on Slack enough to warrant a paid tier for them.

It seems short sighted - it's an opportunity to get new companies into the platform. It feels like Slack is looking at it from the standpoint

A) "Excellent! We can use this to get companies to upgrade to the paid tier! Even companies that don't even need our paid tier!"

Instead of

B) Existing Slack user "Hey client/vendor, get on Slack for your org so that you can contact our team easier and you can speak internally to your team" - Also, if we weren't already on a paid tier, we will upgrade so that we can use this feature with our clients.

With option B, now only are we promoting Slack to other companies, but we are ALSO upgrading to a paid tier if we aren't already. With option A (which currently exists), it just makes me upset as a paying user that we can't use a feature that we would like to use. Seems like the wrong route to take if you ask me..

Especially with the increased competition now with Microsoft's solution, Google's solution (Meet & Chat), and now HipChat totally redesigned and rebranded (built from the ground up) Stride by Atlassian (which looks great). Missed opportunity here as competition is growing. I don't get it Slack, what's going on here..?


Great feature that is needed and happy with the implementation. Have been dying for this type of functionality for a while. Good work!


Requires both teams to be on a paid plan. Seems very short-sighted. An awesome opportunity to get more teams onboard Slack.

This is a great step towards the future of workspace and helps a lot of developers to take advantage of the shared network effects. In fact, both the vendors and clients can hire teams on-demand with the help of AI assistants like Trunks, which is coming to the Slack soon. Get early access - https://producthunt.com/upcoming...
This is so helpful in coordinating w/ all of our agencies & contractors. To-date we've just been creating restricted profiles....so much easier to get communication channels up and running. Add the ability to make the channel private soon plz 🙏
@hanfordscott Shameless plug but contextual, you can hire contractors within Slack channel now with our app that's about to launch probably on the same day shared channels :) https://www.producthunt.com/upco... We partnered with agencies/contractors from across the world, who are pre-vetted by our own AI.
@raviformative can't wait to check it out!
@raviformative really interested to learn more about this. Would love to hear more. Feel free to DM me on twitter.