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Hi! We’ve just launched Slack's App Directory with 150+ apps all designed to make your team more productive: https://slack.com/apps We also launched a new slash command to help you easily find the right apps for you. Try "/apps cats" from your own Slack team to get app results that match "cats" (or any other keyword) sent right into your channel. We're super excited about all of the great things people are building on the Slack platform. Of course, we want your apps to be discovered by other teams on Slack, so we've greatly simplified the process for submitting them to the directory. If you're building things on Slack, read up on these tips and learn how to submit them to the new directory here: https://api.slack.com/slack-apps We'll be adding new apps to the directory every day. If you're not a developer, we're also interested in hearing your feedback on the App Directory in general. What apps do you think are missing, what would you like to see added to the directory in the future, etc. We'll be responding to comments here throughout the day.
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@buster So awesome, congrats on the rollout. What do you anticipate the typical timeline being from submission to approved listing on the directory?
@stevecaldwell If your installation instructions are clear, you're asking for a reasonable set of permissions, you have good links to support and privacy, and it's easy to understand how your app works once you install it, it could take as little as a day. Since this is all still new we're often asking for a bit of extra info about apps and that requires some back and forth. But so far it's not taking not more than a week in almost all cases.
@buster Buster, this is awesome! Congrats. <3 Slash Team!
@buster we just launched our wellness bot for slack on producthunt - https://www.producthunt.com/post... . Would love your thoughts on it. We believe sitting is becoming the new smoking. Our bot creates healthy habits in users with timely, contextual mini-interventions. Would also like to see if we can get featured as one of the new apps on the app landing page :D
As part of the announcement yesterday with The Slack Platform Launch alongside Botkit and The Slack Fund, @SlackHQ mentioned Slack App Directory. Led by @buster :) I said previously that it's a really interesting way Slack is going. I think this is an awesome step for a company to continue innovating while it grows. Full faith in @stewart & the awesome team he has built! We have April Underwood for a LIVE Chat today and she is Head of Platform at Slack. With Facebook shutting down it's lab and speculation that larger companies struggle having smaller startup mentality and freedom to create apps/bots/products that move the needle this is a great sign. More companies, small & large, need to see how they can innovate in house. Take a leaf out of Slack and @betaworks books. @buster - keen to see your thoughts on how you see Slack App Directory growing and continuing to keep Slack front of mind and innovation in terms of capabilities & integration into daily habits of people's lives? Also really looking forward the LIVE Chat with Buster next week so sign up to ask him more :) Slack feels like Apple for me... once you go there, you don't go back (at least, for me).
@bentossell We called this App Directory Lite internally, it's the very minimum we had to do to make it easier for apps to get added and for people to find the best apps. I'd say we're about 1% done relative to where we want to be, and will be doing a lot more with it in the next year. What do *you* think we should do?
@buster asking is a great first step ;) Find out what kinds of businesses use Slack (if you don't already), see their pain points in day-to-day, make it easier. See what integrations would make things seamless... even things like (not recommending this as such) /FacebookStatus: Too busy today > updates status.. keeping people in Slack is an amazing hook. Always good to see what the community builds too and how to incorporate
@buster @bentossell Links to integration website. The current pages don't have screenshots or pricing info, so right now visiting the website is the best way to gather information as to whether to install or not.
@eric3000 Yeah, for now we do require pretty detailed installation instructions on your website (and link to them with the "visit site to install" button), until we build up those pages a bit more.
@buster Not sure if you guys do it yet or not, since in my excitement I'll admit I didn't RTFM all the way through: You probably already have a huge developer community, and I see in here alone you've been asked a ton of similar questions, so having some sort of monthly developer conference call - maybe even coinciding with your API release schedule - to collect feedback and key developers in on future capabilities, answer questions, etc., would really be beneficial, at least to me. :) Heck! At bare minimum, make a #slackdev channel that all of us can join to facilitate these discussions and networking. I know I'm starting to develop several integrations already, I'd love to search Slack to make sure someone else isn't developing a similar one already or better yet, team up with another developer, product person, or firm to build an even better product. I can't think of a better platform to use while building onto it. Congrats and thanks for the opportunities! @bentossell
Wow, this is super exciting! I was already mulling building a custom integration for Slack, but this puts the icing on the cake. I think I'm going to start on it tonight :)
@ow Cool! What are you going to build?
Well, thats a very nice think to have! Nice job!
Brilliant. This is just brilliant.