Zoho PageSense is a complete A/B testing and conversion rate optimization platform. PageSense helps you to track your business metrics, analyze your visitor behavior and optimize your conversions

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Thanks for hunting Zoho PageSense @kwdinc We are all excited about the launch of session recording in Zoho PageSense, the complete A/B testing and conversion rate optimization platform for marketers. Zoho PageSense helps customers track business goals, analyze visitor behavior on their websites and boost conversions. Whats new in PageSense? We have introduced Goals to help you track business metrics, Session recording to help you analyse your visitor interactions and Form Analytics to help you identify the pain points in your form. Session Recording   As one of the most sought after features, we didn't want PageSense's session recording to be the same as every other session recording on the market. Here's what we came up with:   1. See exactly what your visitors see - PageSense will be the industry first to deliver an exact recording of visitor actions, including navigation between different tabs and pages within the browser. This provides better clarity on how your website or application is being used by visitors. For example, if you have a set of products, you can see the order in which the user browsed them and compared their different aspects, and then identify the key aspect that lead either to a conversion or a drop-off.
 2. Goals in session recording - View the business goals achieved by visitors in recordings, and derive insights from them. For example, you can check users who abandoned carts, downloaded the white paper, filled in a form, and more. 
 3. Advanced segmentation - Have thousands of recordings? PageSense provides you with a built-in option to slice and dice them based on various criteria, such as entry page, exit page, pages visited, and goals achieved.
 4. Advanced targeting - Choose a segment and record only the visitors from that segment. PageSense has a default set of options, like organic traffic, social traffic, paid campaigns, and desktop traffic. You also have options to create your own audience segment, with 13 different types of customizations.
 5. Masking sensitive data - PageSense doesn't record or store any key stokes and we provide the option to mask sensitive or PII information on your website by using the "privacy" option when creating session recording experiments.
 6. APIs for session recording - PageSense's Identifier API can be used to map a recording to a visitor with metadata, like their email address or name.
  Session recording in PageSense also supports recording in single-page application(SPA's) and pages behind login sessions. This opens avenues for using session recording to optimize the user experience to web applications, as well.  Goals   Goals in PageSense help you measure and track all the business goals on your website. They can be sign-ups, subscriptions, downloads, product purchases, cart abandonment, and more. You can configure any goal on your website and PageSense will report the metrics for them. These goals will be automatically mapped to your session recordings and visitor segmentation.   Form Analytics   Form analytics helps users track and analyze visitor interactions on website forms. This helps to identify how many visitors start interacting with the form, how many visitors convert, and which field has more interactions, corrections, and drop-offs. You can also identify which fields visitors are hesitating on, to help you optimize the form and improve conversions.     We love to hear your feedback about Zoho PageSense. :) We are offering an 50% discount on our monthly listed price if you opt for annual subscription and 20% discount for monthly billing. This is exclusive for product hunt users. Cheers, Naresh
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