Today we’re introducing Visual Tagger — which enables anybody to use Segment to collect the website data they need in minutes, without writing a single line of code.
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I've been wanting something like this to exist within Segment forever. Kudos to the team for building something much needed on top of the core platform that makes analytics tracking even easier.
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@hnshah Thanks so much for the support - we're happy to hear that you're excited about Visual Tagger!
This is pretty cool!
@victorbjorklund Thank you! We'd love any feedback you have!
Fantastic launch Segment team!
Funny that they finally built this. I built this as my original startup idea 4 years ago and Segment tried to buy it. It was hard to build right? There's a lot happening under the covers.
@iammichaelfrye What happened to your start up ?
@tidderjail we pivoted and are focusing more on the marketing/sales persona ->