Segment Personas

Customer data infrastructure

Today we’re releasing Segment’s latest product, Personas, to the world. Personas uses a new identity graph to combine your data into a 360° user record —and you get to compute new traits & audiences on top.

Our beta customers were able to drive a 50% lift in customer engagement, 10% reduction in ad spend, and 33% increase in ad conversions.

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Hey @amillet89, @ivolo & @n2parko, What's your favorite aspect of this project? And what were some of the difficulties of creating it?
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@ivolo @n2parko @jacqvon as someone who's worked on both growth & product, what's been most exciting is taking a product from an internal prototype to something all of our customers can leverage. Challenges have ranged the gamut from finding a scalable infrastructure for the large volumes of event data we compute over, to educating marketers about Segment and how to take their data into their own hands!
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Beautiful design! How are you matching customer data on your end? Do you integrate with someone like Live Ramp?
@frantzlight thanks for upvoting- the tldr version is we focus on first party data and have built a deterministic, real-time identity graph to match data across your apps. You can get the details in our docs here:
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Looks awesome @amillet89 can't wait to try it
@amillet89 @ivolo & @n2parko, Personas looks interesting. Would definitely try it out. Couple of thoughts if you are looking at sales : a) Try reaching to start-ups who have recently raised funds. They will be willing to spend money on tools which can help them understand the persona of their customers. b) Try reaching out to companies who are hiring for customer support teams. Since they are spending money on this vertical, they will be willing to use a product like Segment Personas. Would be happy to know your thoughts on same.
I'm confused. The Product Hunt listing says "free trial" available. I only see a demo offering on the site. What am I missing?
@james_mtc You can register for your free trial here:
@chipnicodemus But isn't that just for Segment, and not for Personas? I keep seeing advertising, including this producthunt push, for Personas. I'm already a Segment user. You're advertising has worked, I'd like to check out Personas. But I can't seem to do that.
@james_mtc Ok gotcha! The best way to check it out would be to submit the demo form or get in contact with your account executive if you have one.
@james_mtc @chipnicodemus Hey James and Chipper! To get a demo of Personas, get in contact here: And thanks to this feedback, we just shipped an in-product flow for asking for demo requests :) Thanks again!