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Hello Product Hunt! I’m Chris, a product manager at Slack. We’re very excited to add Screen Sharing to Calls in Slack so that you can share your screen with your teammates to collaborate and get work done. Screen sharing (like voice and video calls before it) is based largely on WebRTC, along with a few modifications we’ve made to make your experience better. You should experience smooth, high quality, high frame rate screen shares. As always, we paid attention to the experience and aim to offer a simple and beautiful UI. Screen sharing is available to all paid teams and will be rolling out slowly over the next few days. We’ll be around answering any questions you may have. Let us know what you think! Any and all feedback is deeply appreciated. You can also learn more on our blog: https://slackhq.com/screen-shari...
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@one16th Been waiting for this from a long time. This feature is greatly appreciated.
@one16th This is awsome. Have been waiting for this feature. I have been using Screenleap till date. Thanks for this feature .
@one16th Awesome news. Thanks so much! :)
@one16th This is awesome! 🙌 Love the video call feature and now screen sharing? sign me up!
Any ETA for the full Screenhero feature set?
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@dubstrike We're actively investigating this, but wanted to get screen sharing out first. If your team is on a paid plan you can use Screenhero by going to: https://my.slack.com/screenhero.
@one16th We're using it almost daily. Looking forward to having it available in Slack. Good job on the integration so far! 👏
@dubstrike @one16th That's one of the important features which will make communication more intact. Although just to let you, we www.collabe.io are about to offer same features to all the users free of cost. We believe, customer don't need to pay till the time it's freely available in the market.
@one16th @dubstrike Screenhero was free to use - you're putting it's features behind a paywall?
@jyonah Screenhero has been available to paid teams since joining Slack, go to https://my.slack.com/screenhero to set it up.
Great job! 👏🏻L.O.V.E. SLACK! ❤️ This is building upon the Screenhero acquisition or something parallel? Either way great stuff.
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This is another example of Slack eating other business tools and it vertically integrates team collaboration tools. They're uniquely positioned to compete with long-standing, big players because they have access to a unique graph (the people you work with today) and own the real-estate team's use throughout the day (reducing friction). Next up: Google Docs, Dropbox, Trello. What else?
If you wrote a version of this paragraph, but justifying what Instagram is doing, it would probably be really compelling.
@rrhoover We’ve invested a lot into the Slack platform and our partners in the space. Everybody should have access to the tools, apps, and workflows they need to get work done, and we think it’s a much better experience if it’s streamlined in one interface! This is a great time to remind teams that they can switch to other calling apps in Slack and we’re working on integrating them even better. We’re not looking to “eat” other business tools, but bring them into the fold in a way that makes life easier for people.
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@christoy Same for Facebook, but they don't execute nearly as well.
I don't know if that's entirely true. Lots of orgs already use Google Apps (G-Suite or whatever they're calling it now). The instant Google releases Hangouts Chat broadly, I can see a lot of orgs having a really, really hard time justifying Slack's additional cost when they can just use Hangouts.
@rrhoover Plus as 3rd parties add integrations, slack can probably track usage and use that as evidence for new feature sets they build out themselves. Amazon did that with plenty of their vendors, tracking sales and figuring out what product lines to get into themselves. Being a 3rd party supplier on someone else's platform is always a risk.
Been waiting for this!
@bentossell We're so happy to launch this. Let us know what you think!