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#5 Product of the DayOctober 22, 2018

You’ve got an idea/logo/ad/concept. But how do you know it’s good? Validate your market assumptions cheaply & quickly! Scoops is a market research funnel that lets you survey respondents and follow-up with more questions and interviews afterwards.

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Hi Product Hunt! Paul & I have each individually built many products, and the problem is, most of the time nobody wants them 😞. That's time & money down the drain. Scoops was built to be an affordable way to validate some key assumptions about your market early and fast without sinking all of that energy into actually building something. The premise is pretty simple - we want to create a way to do qualitative research on a quantitative scale. You can use this research to see if people actually have the problem you're trying to solve, or even if some high level version of your idea resonates. 1. For $12, ask 100 random people a question 2. Then, once the answer, find out whether there are demographic trends in how people answered. 3. Armed with that data, follow up with additional questions & even interview them to really get to the bottom of your market assumptions. Thanks for all the help, hope to be able to chat with you all individually on whether this service was helpful! 🙏
@chris_lee5 Since you’re casting a wide net wouldn’t 100 be too small of a sample?
@howwhowhen Totally. Working on making it bigger 😄 . We also just want to keep it affordable for makers, which is why we're starting this way. The beta customers have found less value so far in the proportion of people answering certain way - it's moreso at this point binary validation as to whether or not ANYBODY has the problem you're trying to solve. But feel free to challenge us on this 👍 . Always looking for ways to improve!
@chris_lee5 @howwhowhen Hey Hao! we now allow up to 250 respondents to be targeted at once :) Just thought you'd want to know!

Really good simple service and value for money.


Simple to use. Really good customer service.


Maybe the response on questions can be a bit faster.

Hi @manuelmartincalero ! Really sorry about that. We sent out a tweet saying we were pausing the service briefly, but if you paid we should have either refunded you or your question order should have been filled. Please let me know what your email is and we'll get you that refund ASAP for now and we'll give you a free question once the service is back up!
Hey @chris_lee5, While I think this is an interesting solution to a problem, I don't know if I agree with the basic premise of this product. Your claim that "Products solve problems, not people!" seems flawed. Products solve problems for specific types of people. Not every product is going to be right for every person. That's why creators design with a specific customer in mind. If the product doesn't do well with that customer base, you're not meeting their pain points, or are targeting the wrong customer base. But creating something without a customer base in mind seems like a good way to fail. I noticed that in your landing page mockup, only 12% of people who answered a question come from the United States. Where are most of the people that are answering the questions coming from Chris?
@tom26454633 Totally fair - The argument we're making is that being 35 and a professional doesn't cause you to want pizza - being hungry, and in a rush does. Even in specific scenarios where you are building software only for lawyers, focusing on the attributes of the lawyers won't help you design great solutions. Focusing on the problem (managing billing), does. Simply, often times people mistake who they THINK suffer from the problems from the people who actually do. And that's where we can help. If you're curious, I write more in detail about it here on our blog! You're right though that not every product is going to be right for every person. We totally acknowledge that for a lot of vertical products, having SOME specificity of demographics will help significantly (e.g. yes you want to focus on a lawyer's problems, but since it's legal software you may want to only talk to lawyers). To that point, I'm going to have to say we're working on it, but we don't have a sufficient panel size yet 😞 However, if you are building software to manage a law firm's billing, is that a product that can also help accountants? or freelancers? If so, we can help you avoid that bias! Re: the %12, that's %12 of people from the United States answered that way, not that the panel is made up of %12 of people from the US. Apologies if that's not clear! (In fact, last I checked over 75% of the panel is from the US, then Canada, then the UK as it stands) Hope that makes sense, please keep challenging us if you disagree - we need all the feedback we can get!
@chris_lee5 @asetre Nice clean design. Simple and easy to use. Interested to see the results of my first question!
cool Q&As :DDD