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Introducing Relicx, your Generative AI-powered assistant to ship quality software fast. Create tests in minutes with our no-code interface, powered by cutting-edge AI. Write self-healing intent-driven tests using the natural language. Go beyond functionality—our AI autonomously identifies visual issues across your application for complete coverage. Align your tests with real-world scenarios through user session capture, ensuring the highest quality customer experience.
Caleb Bushner
Carmen Judson
Alysson Melo and 66 others use Relicx
Waldo Testing
194 reviews
Waldo allows mobile developers, designers, and product managers to record and monitor user flows. It tests those flows with every new build and reveals any UX differences. Waldo works with Android and iOS (but this submission is specifically for the Android beta).
Nicolas Pinto
Gabriele Mamoli
Nicolas Pinto and 93 others use Waldo Testing
16 reviews
Testpine provides Cloud-based, affordable and easy no code automation for Web and Mobile projects. It is an E2E Test Automation service that includes a scriptless editor, Cross-Browser & Cross-Device testing, Scheduled Running, Test Management and Reporting.
Developer X
Ozan Tekin
Developer X and 24 others use Testpine
413 reviews
LambdaTest is a leading continuous testing cloud that helps developers and testers ship code faster. Over 10,000+ enterprise customers and 2million+ users across 130+ countries rely on LambdaTest for their testing needs
Mudit Singh
Neha Tewari
Jefferson Hal
Mudit Singh and 86 others use LambdaTest
14 reviews
AI-powered testing tool for web apps that finds bugs before your users do. We only need your website’s URL. Our AI agent knows what to test, writes the tests and keeps them relevant. Run the tests from our app or plug them into your CI/CD pipeline.
Vanesa Ortiz
Alan Hamlett
Marc Mengler
Vanesa Ortiz and 32 others use Octomind
Deepchecks is a holistic open-source solution for all of your AI & ML validation needs, enabling to thoroughly test your data and models from research to production. Check it out!
Dani Avitz
Lotan Levkowitz
Abid Ali Awan
Dani Avitz and 17 others use Deepchecks: Continuous Validation for AI
12 reviews
Find research participants from all over the world easily, for your interviews, usability tests, and surveys.
Robert Lee
Enzo Ottens
Robert Lee and 22 others use Tandemz
Mobile FIRST
12 reviews
Test your website on smartphones, tablets, and more, with realistic rendering of many devices, including recent and older models of Android, iPhones, and Apple Watches. Record screencasts, capture transparent PNG, test dark mode, and more.
Raphael B.
kris morgan
Raphael B. and 33 others use Mobile FIRST
Conektto, the intelligent API Development platform announces launch of Autonomous API Test Harness that generates all API test artifacts: test controller, test data, mocks and performance tests from a single design interface with just few clicks.
Dan Bar-Shalom
Madhu V Swamy
Dan Bar-Shalom and 7 others use Conektto API Test Harness
10 reviews
DevCycle is a feature flag platform built for teams of any size. Easily create, rollout, and cleanup feature flags without disrupting your workflow.
Vic Vuci
May Chau
Vic Vuci and 8 others use DevCycle