Roadmap to Your Best Business Website

Comprehensive guide to creating a killer business website

Brought to you by Zoho Academy, The Roadmap to Your Best Business Website touches on everything from homepages to signup forms and everything in between. Chock full of practical examples, best practices, and concrete marketing theory, this comprehensive resource offers advice for how to build your online presence.

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Hey hunters!  Editor-in-chief of Zoho Academy, here. I’m stoked to announce my team’s newest project: 115k words of educational content focusing on how to create, refine, and test your business website. Whether you're an established entrepreneur or a newcomer with a world-changing idea, building a site that checks ALL the right boxes is practically impossible. Even successful sites sometimes miss out on big gains because the writers, designers, or developers haven't had the right guidance as they experiment and iterate. That's where Zoho Academy comes into play. With topics ranging from homepages to online shops to signup forms and CTA buttons, we’ve analyzed all the major components of a successful business site. Packed with the latest research, hands-on examples, and deep strategy, we think this archive will be useful for just about any small business owner, marketer, or startup founder. Though we’ve started with websites, Zoho Academy’s long-term plan is to house ebooks, blog posts, workbooks, and quizzes covering a broad range of topics, including marketing, sales, productivity, people development, finance, customer support, and management.  We really hope you enjoy The Roadmap to Your Best Business Website and all the other resources coming soon to Zoho Academy. And, of course, please let us know what you think!
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