Build beautiful responsive emails with just JSON

#2 Product of the DayJune 01, 2018

Forget about pesky email client rendering or learning a new markup language. Send JSON and receive responsive HTML emails.

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Thanks @ClarkValberg for the hunt! we are incredibly excited for this release. Building emails that work across all clients and devices is notoriously difficult. Our Lite API allows devs to build complex responsive emails that function across every major client and device with just JSON. Send JSON get back HTML in s snap.
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Guys, this rocks! You mention interactive components in the Techcrunch article. Does the API only build static emails or can we integrate interactive components as well?
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@susan_blanchard hey! we’ve split the API into Actionable and Lite. Lite powers static components only and Actionable includes all of our interactive functionality and analytics.
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This looks great! How do you expect this to help REBEL work with more trigger engines & personalization platforms?
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@davidfine For customers using personalization platforms and trigger engines, this will free their developers to quickly build/alter email templates based on the specifics of the behavior, instead of being constrained by what their templates currently support. Plus, they’ll still be able to use all the features native to their other services. Make sense?
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From one dev team building marketing tech to another: This looks great -- congrats on an awesome product release!
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@dana_gibber thanks Dana! 👊🏻👊🏻
Oh I've been waiting for Rebel since long time! I've been trying to connect with you long time ago since I was curious about the Shoppable Emails. @joeteplow are you planning integrations also with Shopify or BigCommerce?
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@mrdobelina hey! Right now we are focused on enterprise platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Hybris, Magento but rumor has it Shopify may be releasing what we need to support in email purchasing soon.
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@joeteplow got it, it depends on the platform — hopefully they will! and others too. Sounds like a game changer for email marketing.