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#3 Product of the WeekApril 17, 2019
Guide users through your product to turn new sign-ups into successful customers. Product Tours are perfect for product onboarding, new feature announcements, and proactive support. Best of all, Product Tours works with the rest of Intercom!
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G’day hunters, Matt here from Intercom. Today’s a big day. We just released a brand new add-on. It’s our most requested capability ever. It’s called Product Tours and it’s the absolute best way to turn new users of your product into successful customers. Onboarding is near and dear to us here at Intercom - we’ve written books, hosted webinars, recorded podcasts, spoken on stage, and published countless blog posts on the topic. Why? Getting people to sign up is easy, but getting them to come back, again and again, is the hard part. That’s where onboarding comes in – it’s the difference between someone being interested to try your product versus a customer who is very happy to use (and pay for) it. Starting today, you can now use Intercom to create engaging onboarding experiences that set every new customer up for success. We’ve been working on this for the past year and from the private beta we’ve seen that Product Tours gets 7x more engagement than email. Here are just a few of its most powerful features: - Code-free tour builder - Audience targeting - Video tours - Click-to-advance - Multipage tours - Auto-scroll - Error notifications - Insights Best of all, because it’s Intercom, Product Tours works with the rest of Intercom! For example, you can have a Custom Bot ask every new signup what their intent is and automatically recommend the right tour for them to take. Or, Answer Bot can instantly answer a common question like, “how do I add a new teammate?”, and recommend a tour to take in doing so. Your support and success teams can even send tours directly to customers in conversations. There are so many ways to use Product Tours across the customer lifecycle to enhance your customers’ experience. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do. You can try Product Tours free for 14-days with any paid subscription of Intercom. Head over to our website and start connecting the dots from sign-up to success today. We'd love to know what you think! 🤘🏻
Hey @mattnhodges - Do you plan on supporting desktop apps (Electron)? I can't seem to get it working for our app.
@mike_seekwell great question, Mike. I don't know off-hand. Best to ask our team directly via the Messenger, but I'll also post back here when I get an answer myself.
@mike_seekwell - if you can access your app via a URL then you should be able to create and run a tour for it even in Electron. Otherwise, it’s not something we support today. As Matt mentioned - it would be great to get more context on your setup and use-case to dig into this, so please reach out to the team via the Messenger.
We've been experimenting with the Beta for Product Tours and it's been brilliant. The ability for anyone in the organization to create a product tour without code is great, but the targeting is what makes this shine. Being able to subtly change copy for different audiences or even just using it to a/b test which flow works best is fantastic. Really excited to also start experimenting with the use of video instead of just copy, makes everything feel much more personable.
Product Tours are an entirely new way for our customers to onboard their users. It's seamless to create, preview and send to your customer base. It works like magic - no engineering support needed, no browsers extensions, no hassle. If you have Intercom on your website, you can build and send a tour in a minute - straight to your users, via email, via bots or insert into your support conversation. It was such an exciting product to work on, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. There is a vast amount of innovative technology behind it that brings enormous value for our customers thanks to extensive integration into the whole Intercom ecosystem.
Whoa, this is awesome! I literally just finished recording a bunch of onboarding videos. I'm only halfway through manually adding them to our product and I'm ready to give up 😂 Love code-free Love audience targeting Love how integrated it is with the rest of Intercom Great work team!
@sarahhum Thanks so much, Sarah!
Looks great, just like all of other Intercom products. What I don't understand is Intercom's pricing. It can pile up quickly, especially for this kind of addon. They'll charge you based on total number of users, even though most of the users will never get to see the feature in action. Leads are counted towards your pricing, which makes no sense to me. They should charge based on active users as the intent of the feature is to drive engagement. This is what the innovator's dilemma looks like.
@ebsalberto They've actually changed their pricing recently to charge by active users (I think on a quarterly basis) vs. total users, which has saved us a ton of money.
@deepa_prasad1 didn't know that, thanks for sharing, I'll ask them to have me switch to the new plan