Automatic transcripts for podcasters

Podscripter automates podcast transcription. Each time you post we grab your episode, transcribe it, and email you a transcript within 24 hours. You can also give us a file before it's live if you'd like to have a transcript when you post.

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I love how you've automated this by plugging into the podcast's RSS feed. How are you transcribing the podcasts? On a related note, I recently chatted with @goopt about his startup Otter. They've developed impressively accurate voice transcription that's done in real-time using their tech.
@goopt @rrhoover Thanks man! We're using Google's speech to text video model. Of the services I've tried, it provides the best results. We then split up the speakers by hand, which ends up being a fair bit of work and is why it's 24hrs instead of minutes ๐Ÿ˜Š. It's a workaround at the moment until diarization (the technical term for it) improves. @goopt if you have any insights on diarization I'd love to learn more!
Hey! This project stemmed from SpeechBoard (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) which was a text-based audio editor @ramonrecuero and I made. We found that many people were just using it for automatic transcriptions so I put this together. Let me know what you think!
Been looking at doing this for a long time. I even tried putting my files into Google's Cloud Speech API. It sucked. Instant subscription from me. Looking forward to getting my first episode!
@ow haha. Yeah, in many ways this is just a user friendly version of Google's API. Thanks for trying it out!
Does effectiveness drop with podcasts with technical jargon/vocabulary/proper nouns, such as blockchain podcasts?
@calchulus such a great question. Short answer is yes. How much depends on the speaker's diction. That said, it'd be possible to train a model to just your podcast so it'd know all the vocab if you went back and did some error correction. Proper nouns can be tough, especially if they're mixed with another language. E.g. the sample episode on the site is in english but it's about riding bikes in Italy so many of the proper nouns are off.
@craigcannon would the model be something we'd have to provide or a future level of service package? <3 Would love to see how I could help!
Very cool :) Is it still the same pricing for people with very short podcasts? Like 10-20 minutes?
@daviswbaer Thanks! Yeah, keeping it as simple as possible for now to test if people want it. Might switch that up in the future.
@craigcannon That would be great if there were pricing say for each 15 min segment for those under 60 minutes