Edit Podcasts from the transcript

SpeechBoard is the easiest way to edit podcasts. Upload your podcast, we instantly transcribe it, then you can delete anything from the transcript and we'll remove it from the audio. You can download the edited version and files to fine-tune your edit in Audacity or Audition.

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This would have been useful back when I was editing the Product Hunt podcast (RIP). cc'ing a few podcast buddies: @mijustin @joshmuccio
@mijustin @rrhoover hey this looks extremely useful! Especially for people just getting started. Editing audio (cutting tape as radio people call it) is extremely time intensive and hard to do right. https://descript.com is solving the same problem in a similar way. We use ProTools so I wish there was a plugin that could do the same thing but in PT. That way the edits would be non-destructive and we could go back through and tweak the crossfades to make the cuts better. I'm really excited about this though. Hopefully this can help independent podcasters make better stuff!
@mijustin @rrhoover @joshmuccio thanks! We’ll work on a ProTools import and get back to you
Hey! @RamonRecuero and I put this together to save time editing podcasts. Thanks for checking it out!
@ramonrecuero @craigcannon This is really a awesome time saving tool for podcast makers 🙏
@ramonrecuero @craigcannon @allenleein Hey! I really like the idea. What tool do you use for getting the transcript? Do you have any automated tool? Or use Rev, or any of those tools?
@ramonrecuero @allenleein @andredalbuq thanks! We’re using a mix of speech to text APIs
@ramonrecuero @andredalbuq @craigcannon Hey may I know which of those? I have tried Watson Speech to text API and Speech-to-Text-WaveNet. I'm still looking for the best. 🙏
This is awesome.
@craigcannon @ramonrecuero just took this for a spin. impressive work! ~"like like like like"~