Today we’re introducing the ability to embed apps in the messages you send to your customers. Every communication you now send has a clear next step for your customers—making it easier for them to schedule a sales call, subscribe to your newsletter, or take an NPS survey all within in the Intercom Messenger.

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Wootric maker here, so excited to offer our NPS, CES, CSAT micro-surveys in the Intercom messenger. I remember our customers asking for this as early as when I built the first in-app prototype. Yes, you can now survey your customers in Intercom automatically using their complex targeting and get rich analytics and insights in Wootric. And thanks to Intercom for making integrating and partnering a dream.
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@jumpingdeeps Hey Deepa. Long time! Thanks so much! We're really happy and excited to have you on-board.
@eoghanmccabe It's been amazing to work with your product team specially Jeff Gardner.
Hey Hunters, Des here. Outbound apps for Intercom combines the power of targeted messaging and our growing library of apps to let customers take actions right inside your messages. It's a seamless way for you to schedule sales calls, survey your customers, or promote your latest content. As a part of our launch, we’re also introducing three brand new apps from our friends at Typeform, AskNicely, and Wootric. These apps let you gather real-time feedback, measure customer happiness, and send NPS surveys inside the Intercom Messenger. This is just the beginning. We’ll continue to add even more apps that make it easier for you and your customers to get all sorts of things done in messages. You can find the right app for your business in the Intercom App Store.
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@destraynor Nice! I'm interested in building an app on this. What do you think is missing from the current portfolio of apps that your users would love?
@destraynor Any plans for generic template apps where users can DIY? Kinda like the current "showcase". Eg. using a subscribe app with any ESP rather than exclusively MailChimp? Or a template for connecting to Zapier?
@destraynor @to give me a shout via email and if be happy to talk through some ideas. 🙌 Jeff at intercom is my address.
@to I can think of a lot of things. Purchase flows (e.g. buy this t-shirt/book/etc) or Download flows (enter your email for a ___). then integrations with any third party tool that often plays a role in a conversation between customers & businesses. Lots basically. Watch this space :)
SOOOO excited about this!!! We have over 600 apps being built for our Messenger right now. And this let's you automate them at crazy scale and with powerful personalization and targeting potential.
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@eoghanmccabe also excited! so many of our customers use Intercom, and this is going to be a fantastic way to let users get the self-service they need. Looking forward for some of the new apps to drop soon :-D
Hey folks, Aaron here from AskNicely. Intercom has always been a popular NPS survey integration for AskNicely but the thing I love about this is you can now continue the conversation inside the Messenger to follow up on feedback in real time. Very cool. Thanks to our Intercom friends for making it possible and to Seb and the AskNicely dev team for putting in some late nights - get some rest!
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@nicelyaaron thanks! It has been so good working with you guys so far, can't wait to start hearing back from customers out there using the app!
Typeform Maker here, it was a great experience to build on top of Intercom platform for Messenger. You can now easily embed a typeform directly into Intercom Messenger, users don't have to leave your website, everything is happening in the chat window. Hope you like it! It was fun to build ;)
@picsoung thanks! You still hold the record for fastest build Nicolas 🚀😉