A new router from Google

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Alex Rosen
@alexmr · Co-founder at Sense
Interesting it's not launched under the Nest brand.
Am I the only one who doesn't care for the idea of Google seeing every single bit of data I use? I like to see advancements in this type of technology, don't get me wrong, but there are ways to surf without Google eying everything you do (Ghostery, Ad Block Plus, etc). Not with this. Does anyone know if their ToS allows them to access the data and sell t… See more
Cody Sanfilippo
@codysanfilippo · Lead UX Design, Vizalytics
Interesting to see Google get into the router business. The branding seems to distance the product from Google, too. Here's to hoping it's worth the $199 pricetag! "Customer support will be available 24/7 starting Aug 31. Check back for details!" Hmm, could this be a Google product with good customer service?!
Andy Kim
@drew23 · Entrepreneur; Sr UXD @ Amazon Alexa
Looks eerily similar to Amazon Echo. Just saying...
Prateek Sharma
@prateeks · Co-founder, mygola
Glad to see some action here. Routers haven't seen much change, even the Apple Airports feel pretty limited. This is the heart of the home network, interesting to see Google claim that space.