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Google Trends Supercharged was ranked at #3 Data & Analytics for 2022
#3 Data & Analytics Product of the Year
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What is Glimpse?
Glimpse - Discover trends before they get big, from rapidly growing industries to viral products and under-the-radar companies.

Glimpse tech stack

We're aware of 7 technologies that Glimpse is built with. Glimpse utilizes products like Hotjar, Stripe in their tech stack

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Google Trends Supercharged 2
Make Google Trends 100x more powerful: find trends in any niche, see actual search volume, get trend alerts, and more. Used by the world’s top companies – from the NYTimes to Amazon.
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Google Trends Supercharged
Google Trends is great, but it falls short in so many ways, like lacking search volume numbers or even a good way to discover new trends. We've spent the last 3 years at Glimpse investing heavily in our trend tech and are releasing it today atop Google Trends.
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