Introducing a lead machine and customer advocate that’s omnipresent. With Freshchat’s Chrome extension, you can close deals and support customers from anywhere on the web.

Freshchat is a product by Freshworks that is used by 150,000+ businesses around the world including Unicef, QuizUp, Cisco, TeamViewer, and more.

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Thanks, Chris for hunting us. :) Hello, Product Hunt! We launched Freshchat , modern messaging software from @freshworksinc one year back and the journey has been tremendous so far with all the customer love and feedback we've been receiving. We’re excited about how the messaging space is evolving and are confident that Freshchat along with the other solutions from the @freshworksinc ecosystem will help businesses with everything they need to ace customer engagement — across all touch points. Today, we’re excited to launch OmniChat. OmniChat is a chrome extension that lets companies engage, sell, and support from anywhere on their Chrome browser. You can use OmniChat to: - Get to conversations that need you the most - Connect visitors and customers to experts - Use all the context to make confident conversations - Respond using words, emojis, canned responses, or FAQs - Get notifications and alerts to be on top of every conversation - Collaborate with other team members using private notes, and - Navigate to the Freshchat inbox in one single click for a bigger picture We’d love to hear the PH community share their thoughts and feedback! Thanks to the amazing team at Freshworks who built this! 🙌
I live in my FreshChat tab, so this is a really helpful product and it works really well! My only issue is that I don't receive any desktop notifications when I receive a message in OmniChat. Do I need to allow notifications somewhere in my browser settings?
@siororke Hi Siobhan. Currently when you're live on OmniChat, you will receive sound notifications. When you are having conversations inside the Freshchat tab, you can also receive desktop (chrome notifications). Hope this helps. :)